Philly violent path is the key to a violent future

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Terrell follows them through the forest and sees a few bright flashes of lights. He follows the lights and comes upon two men in military-styled garb and an older man in a robe and stole used for graduation ceremonies. He remains hidden as a women, who he later finds out is the Dola, with a short staff enters the scene from his two o’clock. He sees Jack zip-tied and on the ground, but otherwise he looks unharmed.

The Dola checks over Lucas for any injuries. She speaks quietly to the professor before walking past Terrell. She leaves the woods by the parking lot where Joseph is “interrogating” the German. She tells Joseph that she is willing to broker a trade of Lucas for the German. Joseph agrees, but the German is vehemently against the idea – not that he has much of a choice.

The professor exists the woods with Lucas. He has a New York Accent and is clearly in charge of the two paramilitaries. He tells them that this rabid dog will no longer be a problem on this world or any other. He would be locked instead of a cage he cannot defeat until the end of time.

Lick our Wounds

Jack is taken to the hospital where they will observe him overnight. He tries to talk to Terrell, but mostly gets only a few snippets of the man’s life. Lucas contacts the council, eventually directed to Peabody who tells him that he will call back when the council makes a decision. He reminds the warden that he is there to handle these type of situations without constant oversight.

Come morning Bryan leaves to find out anything he can of the various things that have been stolen, a task nobody wants to share with him. Lucas prefers a different route as he summons forth an entity to help him locate the locus point of powerful caging rituals.

Lucas discovers there there are 3 points within Philadelphia that have potential. The first is Fort Mifflin by the naval base, building complex where the first Continental Congress stayed, and the Historical Mason house where they first found the Germans.

Joseph and Jack, after he is discharged, go to a women’s shelter located outside of the naval base. Terrell tags along because he is supposed to be guarding Jack. When they reach the shelter Joseph notices that there is a really strong ward on the building. The type of ward that takes many people over many months to construct. He decides against going inside, so instead Terrell and Jack go to speak to the director.

They speak to her in her office for a bit, when she notices Jack staring at a large painting behind her. In truth he was desperate for a cigarette, but she is proud of the painting. It is the house of the shelter’s founder Johanna Schmidt. There is also a painting of Ben Franklin and some soldiers that appears to be done by the same artist.

Founder’s House

Jack and Terrell go to the Founder’s House to see if anything can be found there. After breaking in they find the house unoccupied but in pristine shape. Everything has been restored and it is as if a cleaning agency just left moments ago.

Finding nothing on the ground floor they go into the basement. A cold chill passes through them and the door to the ground floor slams shut. Pressing forward they find stacks of cardboard legal boxes. A single box explodes open and all of the papers fly out, leaving  only a manila envelope and a tarnished silver box.

When Jack opens the envelope a floating head appears and attacks both of them. They suffer under the spirit’s assault, but manage to drive it from this world. Inside the envelope is an old notebook written in German. The dates of the book indicate it was a journal written between 1912 and 1915.

The silver box is decorated with several ravens and gulls. Inside, the box is claret velvet-lined and holds a silver pistol and knife. The pistol is a old flintlock muzzle loader. The included small bag of balls is decorated with the crest of Heilsing and each of the balls has a small St. George’s cross etched on it.

Jack immediately pulls his hand back from examining the knife. There is something about the knife that feels very dangerous to him. Terrell handles it with no problem, but Jack refuses to get near it. The Heilsing crest is on the pommel and St. George’s crosses on the hilt.

Also inside the box, hidden under the velvet are travel documents dating from 1949 for a trip from Spain to Argentina. It seems like a strange collection to find in the basement of this house, but Heilsing has a great number of questions they need to answer – at least Jack wants to get the German that is written on the two items translated.

As they are leaving the house a small door opens up, what they thought was a closet turns out to be a narrow set of stairs. As they make their way up the stairs Terrell is overtaken by a sudden sense of danger behind him. He turns and sees only Jack, but his hand holding the knife strikes out and slams into Jack – knocking him out cold.

Voices from above call to Terrell and he is compelled to follow them, even as Jack tumbles down the stairs. Terrell goes to the west wall of the attack and attacks the boards nailed to the wall. With his fingers bleeding he finally manages to pull the boards away. Inside is a small hand-written bible that contains only the Book of Revelations.

Terrell loads Jack into the car and leaves the house, more confused that ever.

Independence Hall

Bryan and Lucas visit Independence Hall. Everything looks normal with tourists and schoolchildren wandering around. It is far too chaotic for anyone to preform a ritual, even after closing hours. To many people leaving their mark upon this place. However, one of the wings is being remodeled.

While the workers are out for lunch Lucas slips into the wing and opens his sight. Everything around him is just too much and he is forced to close his third eye before he can gather anything useful. He does manage to slip out before the workers return. While he was inside, Bryan noted that everybody seems to be avoiding the library section.

Lucas and Bryan agree to check it out, but Bryan loses his nerve – instead he goes across the street for a few beers. Lucas goes inside without him. The air is figuratively crackling with spiritual energy. Lucas draws a circle and summons forth the ghost that is haunting the library.

It is a small girl in a old simple dress, but her language is modern. She watches over the Denniger family bible that is stored in this library. She says that her grandfather knew Benjamin Franklin and that the library had several books given to him personally by Old Ben. The Hessions came and stole them, she hates them. Lucas calms her by telling her that he will retrieve the books. He feels welcome in the library.

Fort Mifflin

Joseph goes on a tour of Fort Mifflin. Everything seems to be normal at the fort and nothing in the tour turns up anything except old wives’ tales. Still, something about the place just raises his hackles – makes him very short-tempered. Finally he just summons forth the spirit of the bear into him – a women nearby freaks out. Thankfully nobody believes her.

Joseph watches the woman, who must be a history buff by the specific questions she asks the tour guide. Joseph decides to get himself into her good graces by debating her on several points and asking very pointed questions. She takes to this line and when he asks her out for coffee she accepts.

However, just after they set a time and say good-bye someone recognizes Joseph from the drawings of the Nazi Bomber (as the news media is calling him). Joseph runs to the side of the fort and jumps over the wall in a single leap. He scrambles down to the shore and dives into the water – changing into an otter and swimming away.

At the appointed time Joseph arrives as a small coffee shop and sits down with the woman. Her name is Amanda Cole and she is not only a history major, but also fancies herself a paranormal expert. She has been studying several points up and down the river as potential sites of heavy paranormal activity in the next few months.

Amanda kisses Joseph and while his mind wanders she swaps coffee cups. She takes “her” cup and goes outside where a car with three other people inside is waiting. She smiles impishly and gets in. Joseph wants to follow her, but something important just happened, but he is not exactly sure what was so important that he missed.

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