Heinrich has switched sides

Jack goes to research each of the thefts in greater detail. While he is driving through the city he notices that a dark BMW has been following him. At first he thought it was Heilsing, but it just does not feel right. He slows down to force them to pull in front of him, but as they pass him the passenger pulls out a silenced pistol and puts two shots into his engine and one into his rear driver-side tire. Jack’s car coughs and grinds to a halt, he manages to get a licence plate number but very little else.

Lucas meets up with Joseph at a small cafe for lunch. Joseph calls the number on the burn phone and talks with a man who calls himself Marcus. They agree to meet at Fairfield Park that evening. Lucas leaves Joseph to rely this information to Jack because once again he has forgotten his cell phone, besides Joseph needs some time to commune with the spirits.


It take Lucas a few hours to finally reach everyone, but eventually he meets with Bryan and Jack at Perkins. Following Jack is a bodyguard assigned to him by Heilsing named Terrell. While Lucas tells the others what is happening, Terrell notices one of the men at the counter resembles one of the Germans that shot Jack’s car.

He goes to the counter and tries to provoke the man into a confrontation, but the man only smiles at him while he pays his bill. After paying his bill the man goes into the men’s washroom. Terrell goes back to the table; however he is more watchful as he does not like what is happening.

Just after the bill arrives the Fire Alarm goes off. Everyone goes out the front door towards the parking lot. While they are standing around being reassured by the Perkins management a white conversion van careens down the road. The side door slides open and a man armed with an automatic rifle leans out. The man opens fire on the crowd indiscriminately, severely injuring several.

Bryan and Terrell return fire, which forces the driver to turn sharply, sideswiping a parked vehicle. This is just the opportunity Jack needs and he jumps into the open vehicle.┬áBefore the van can escape Lucas casts a quick spell targeting the van’s engine with a solid hammer of air. The van’s engine coughs, sputters, and eventually dies.

Jack wrestles one of the shooters and eventually pins him, but the driver gets away. Jack is amazed at the speed of the driver, who can run faster than he can even when he draws upon his vampiric nature.

Before the cops arrive Lucas looks at the shooter with his sight. He sees in the man a solider who has not slept for a very long time. Sweeping his head around he sees Terrell as a nervous man always looking for an ambush. Jack is a man surrounded by the remains of vampires. Bryan is heavily influences by his family although it remains shadowed and unknown to him.

The cops take the man into custody, but after a show of Bryan’s badge they only take witness statements from the rest. Terrell gets on his motorcycle while Bryan, Jack, and Lucas get into Bryan’s car. They will go to Fairfield park and meet up with Joseph.

Fairfield Park

Joseph meets with the man at the park, not knowing what happened to the others. He has no idea that his cell phone has lost its connection to the nearby cell tower. The man shows up with Heinrich and demands to know why the wizard has not joined them this evening. Joseph is taken aback by both the question as well as Heinrich’s demeanor.

The rest of the group arrives, but before anyone can do anything Heinrich attacks. She plows through the others and snatches up Lucas. Lucas tries to cast a spell, but Heinrich shakes him violently until he passes out. Everyone would have stopped Heinrich, buy they were not just dumbstruck, but diving for cover between from automatic rifle fire coming from the woods.

During a break Jack and Terrell run into the woods after Heinrich. It is not a good idea to chase her after dark, but Jack realizes that he has no choice. While Bryan covers Joseph he manages to reach the German and strangle him unconscious.

…to be continued

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