Heilsing Arrives

A tree explodes and gunfire rips through the woods – the 5th hole is a rather dangerous place. Joseph dives on Jackson, while Lucas slams a kinetic shield around himself and the others. During a break in the gunfire Bryan and Lucas run forward to the edge of the woods. They see a pickup truck with a figure standing up in the bed hip-firing a large-barreled gun. Running across the fairway is the Huntress trading shots with whoever is in the back of the truck. Arrows are no match for a what appears to be a mini-gun, so the Huntress is flees.

The figure in back jumps down from the truck and after a short conversation with the driver goes to the back of the truck and lifts it off the ground. The rest of the group comes towards the treeline and watches her (definitely a woman) change the tire using just her hands (Heinrich-style). With the violence over, everyone exits to woods to talk to the people in the truck.

The driver does not fill in too many details, but says he and his companion are from the Heilsing Group here to recruit Bryan. They inform him that his father was a member of Heilsing and left instructions to recruit his son if he should fall in battle. When Bryan finds out that Heilsing are subjects under the English throne he refuses to join. The driver is non-plussed, but does informed Bryan that the warden is not telling the truth about what is happening.

When Heilsing finally leaves Bryan angrily confronts Lucas, who responds by asking if he has shared all of the information the FBI has on this matter. Bryan rises to the challenge to his forthrightness  and after a few choice words Lucas leaves the group. A pall descends over those left standing around.

Lucas catches a cab back to his hotel and puts in a call to the Warden Hotline. Before they can pick up there is a knock at the door – the Fix, the Summer Knight, has come to talk. Fix tries to talk Lucas into leaving the area and for him to convince the others as well. Court business is happening in Philadelphia and it does not involves mortals. Lucas turns down Fix’s advice and after the Knight leaves he goes towards Temple to find the bar.


Bryan, Jack,and Joseph drive to Temple and find the bar. Given its clientele they stand out like like a member of the KKK at a Black Panthers meeting. A waitress rescues then and points out a table behind the wall that divides the bar from the dance floor where they will be less noticeable. Against any form of common sense Bryan gets hammered in less than 30 minutes. Before things get ugly, Jack pushes him out a back door and tells him to watch the rear of the building. Jack gets back to the table just as the Bloody Balls takes the stage.

Lucas has been waiting outside for nearly half an hour. He got a sense of the bar pretty quickly and decided it would be far better to simply stay out of there unless absolutely necessary. It becomes necessary pretty quickly as a large biker gang of Summer Court Sidhe arrive led by Fix and enter the bar. Lucas is about to follow them in when a similarly sized biker gang of Winter Court Sidhe arrive immediately afterwords.

By the time Lucas gets inside the bar the two sides are already squaring off with each other in the middle of the bar. Bryan tries to get in from the back, but the door has been sealed. Just as the two groups are about to attack each other, Lucas pushes just a bit of magic and the fire-suppression sprinklers go off. The crowd panics and flees outside – which is far more safe that the bar will be shortly. Fix nods approval to Lucas before charging the Winter Court.

The Winter Court bikers are hard pressed until a large troll breaks through the front window and batters Fix back. Jackson flees out the side entrance of the bar when Jack and Bryan wade into the melee to try and reach Alicia. While they struggle Lucas reaches the stage and does his best to keep the the fae of either court off the stage.

Bryan sees Jackson entering the alley and uses his taser to knock him out. With a way in he goes through the door that Jackson used to exit. The troll defeated, Fix finds himself confronted by both Jack and Joseph. A very worried Alicia picks up a chair and bashes a huge hole in the back wall near the stage. A very surprised Lucas leads Alicia and the band through the hole into the hallway behind the bar.

The battle with the Summer Knight is a close thing and most of the warring fae stop to watch its outcome. Eventually Jack boxes in Fix and Joseph is able to count coup against him. Fix stops fighting and acknowledges Joseph’s accomplishment. Joseph tells the Summer Court to leave the bar – thankfully they do. As a small consolation prize, they find an unconscious Jackson in the alley and take him with them.

A large ice ogre, who appears to be in charge of the Winter Court bikers, demands to know where the daughter of the blood can be found. Joseph and Jack have no idea Lucas has led them out the back entrance – so they shrug. It nearly comes to blows until Jack points out that they are also working for Mab so it is best that they both are successful. The ogre nods and leaves the bar with his bikers.


When Joseph finds out that Bryan just abandoned Jackson in the alley he unloads his frustration at him over his behavior these last several months. Bryan storms off to his car and leaves. Alicia pulls around to the front of the bar in her van with Lucas and her two band-mates. They pick  up Joseph and Jack and drive towards the city.

After dropping off her band-mates, Alicia wants to know where she can go safely. Fresh out of ideas, Lucas proposes to negotiate a truce with the Summer Court. They drop Lucas off at a cab station and Bryan at Fairfield park to call in a favor from the faerie that is shadowing him. He hopes that the ogre can arrange a meeting with Fix.

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