A Night of Brotherly Love

City of Brotherly Love

Five months have passed, it is now March 14th 2007. In February Heinrich moved into the newly converted apartments along with Joseph, who has taken on a new identity of Joseph Twofists. Today is the monthly religious council meeting and Evan Montrose has requested to speak, so security at the club is tightened – which basically means bringing in Heinrich. Evan informs them of the war that exists between the White Council and Red Court Vampires, which means that the Council will be sending a warden to spend some time with Evan. This causes the meeting to go over its usual time. Just as the meeting is finishing up, Brian gets a text from Lt. Kline. Under instructions from his boss Brian informs Randall that the FBI would like to bring them into an investigations as consultants. Everyone knows that this means the bureau has something that might involves the supernatural.

Once the meeting breaks up, Brian stays behind and meets with Olivia and her team about the investigation. Since December there have three people killed in Philadelphia with an arrow. James Allen Jr. was killed Dec 16 at 11:13 pm while coming out of the Pink Dance Club – there are plenty of witnesses, but nobody saw anything. Two nearby security camera failed shortly before the attack. Lisa Campbell, a security guard at Townplace Mall, was killed Jan 16 at 4:18 am while working. Her body was found near her security vehicle, but forensic evidence indicates she was attacked in a nearby meadow where her weapon was found. Paul Gray, a former US Army Ranger, was killed Feb 13 at 6:58 am near a trail head at Fairfield Park. A .300 Winchester Rifle was found near him, which was registered in his name, having recently discharged three shots.

What sent SAIC Kline to the club was the description of the first murder. The autopsy estimated the draw weight of the bow to be in excess of 150#, which would be difficult even for an Olympic athlete. The second problem was that the killer must have been across the street at ground level and while two witnesses did see the arrow, neither of them saw the killer. It was night, but the street was not empty due to the bars and clubs along that block. Working back from the attack, the archer must have been standing in the middle of the street lit well by moonlight (full moon) and nearby street lights. It is for all of these reasons that Kline would like the club to give their take on the situation. Given that James Allen is the nephew of known hit man of the Gambino mob means that a rival mob is getting supernatural help.

The next several hours are spent with everyone working any angle they can to find out more information. Paul Gray had a degree in Law from Temple University and was in his final week of training at the Philadelphia Police Academy. The Philadelphia PD have put together a task force to hunt down this killer the media have dubbed “Rambo,” with even the Mayor weighing in personally. Just when things are settling down a “visitor” from Mab arrives with news that she has taken “special interest” in these deaths.

With that added pressure the team decides that they have exhausted their local contacts and go to Philadelphia. Bryan leaves early to liaise with Detective Daniel Roberts of the Philly PD who is leading the investigation.

Incident at FDR Golf Course

Joseph and Heinrich take a car up together. Unfortunately for Joseph he let Heinrich drive while he was going over some additional information. As she drove by the FDR golf club Heinrich was suddenly overcome with a sense of family nearby. She mashed the accelerator to the floor and spun the wheel, drove across the oncoming lanes and down the embankment and across the green. With the engine racing, Heinrich followed a wildly fishtailing path towards the clubhouse. She stops the car on the practice green and gets out as the feeling suddenly vanishes.

The police arrive interrogate both Joseph and Heinrich, they are about to take them both in for a drug test when Bryan and Detective Roberts arrive. Bryan agrees to take them immediately. While waiting in the hospital Bryant gets a call from Jack. He is in Philly and is following up some promising leads considering that were not in the report they received. All cell phones at the scene of the first murder malfunctioned, along with two nearby security camera – and each of the murder victims were born on the same day (December 22nd 1971, the Winter Solstice).

Deciding to follow different leads, Bryan and Jack go to Paul’s house while Heinrich and Joseph search the park where he died.

Paul’s House

At Paul’s house they find a hidden firebox. Inside is a photo of the three victims along with two others at a ski resort and an odd necklace. The date on the photo indicates it was taken January 4th of this year. Inside the garage they find $25,000 in a rusted tool chest. Before they can look around for other clues a large “something” bursts through the wall and throws Bryan into the house as rifle fire rips through the garage – Jack barely avoids it, but manages to see an 50s era Ford truck race off with several men in the bed. Jack returns fire, which causes the driver to lose controls and flip over into a ditch.

Jack runs up with his gun drawn, but when he reaches it something shuts down in his brain and he immediately supplicates himself near the truck. Bryan eventually runs out of the house and finds Jack cowed before the truck and all of the men apparently run off. It takes several minutes for him to finally get Jack to respond and by then the sounds of sirens convince Bryan to just drag Jack to the care and leave.

Night at the Park

Joseph and Heinrich reach the Fairfield Park where Paul died and while it is closed they pull into a small lot and enter the park. Inside the deep woods they find a Leshy (forest spirit) has taken up residence. The Leshy knows little about the human world around it, but it does remember another woman who smelled like Heinrich. The not-Heinrich was a skilled hunter and stalked her man-prey for much time before she finally killed him. She did not drag off the kill, but she did take something from the body.

They thank the spirit and return to the car. When they arrive at the parking lot they find their car flipped over and nearly smashed flat. A small sports car drives off, only its taillights visible.

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