We put the trap into play

Nerus and Kumar meet with Terrip Mul concerning their raid and the slaves they have recently freed. It is clear that he is less than happy about the raid, but is trapped by public opinion. He gives a public address thanking Officer Kumar and Ranger Nerus for helping to bring down this slaver gang. Once the press leave he turns on Nerus and tears a strip of skin off him, Nerus responds in kind. They “discuss” issues of notification, warrant, and over-stepping authority – in the end Nerus gives on the issue of housing the slaves, but wins the other arguments.

While everyone else is away, two members of the port authority show up to do an inspection. Talan starts off by stone-walling them by mentioning this is a Galaxy Ranger vessel and all paperwork has been filed, but eventually he tires of their petty shit.  What happens next is that he uses some rather choice words calling their honesty into question in this den of corruption – he refuses to allow them inside of the vessel to inspect it. They slap a impound note on the vessel and move on to the next ship.

When Nerus returns he sees the notice and screams at anyone he can reach in the port authority until he finally reaches the port master.  He leaves the man shaken and agreeable to simply leaving them alone. Only a few hours later a detective shows up wanting information on Jemar and any connection with Heldon Marsh. Nerus is polite but terse with the detective as he has other priorities right now.

Kumar arrives at the vessel with a armored speeder and three escort speeders. He puts the five slaves with criminal records into the armored speeder, which leaves with one of the escorts. Nerus loads 21 slaves unto the speeder bus that Tyfanni rented, but Talan convinces Kumar that 23 slaves were actually loaded on the bus. Tyfanni and Talan leave with the bus and the two remaining escort speeders heading towards Shipdown 1.

Fersyn tries to contact Queech at the Two Credit tavern. She is accosted by a Twillek man with a blaster on the way back. She retreats.

Talon and Tyfanni are attacked on the bus by four beings in a speeder. Two are shooting, and one is driving. Tyfanni tries to maneuver defensively.  Talon uses the Force to boost his abilities and shoots one of the gunmen. A gun battle ensues with the bus taking the brunt of the damage. Tyfanni plays possum and begins slowing down the bus, which jostles Talan causing him to lose his blaster. The attackers pull in front of the bus allowing Talan and Tyfanni to run out and catch them – Tyfanni jumps into the speeder, but it accelerates away before Talan can reach it.

Talan runs back inside the bus, tells one of the prisoners to drive and begins cutting a firing port through the front windscreen. Tyfanni cuts down two of the attackers, but takes a deep wound in return. The driver, in fear of his life, begins to weave sharply back and forth – successfully throwing both Tyfanni and the remaining shooter out of the vehicle. The speeder turns and charges the bus, but before the driver can reach the bus Talan kills him.

The battle over, Talan gets out of the bus and heals Tyfanni and then himself.


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