We got the right bodies and hit the eject

Talan and Tyfanni eventually get the land bus to Shipdown 1 with all of the former slaves. Talan speaks to the local constabulary and get rooms for the freed slaves and a trip back to Shipdown 2 via official aircar.

Back at Shipdown 2, Nerus and Fersyn (as Danni) go to a bar where Delk Heder is known to hang out. They bring along Kumar and a few security officers. When they reach the bar they leave the security officers to surround the bar under Kumar’s leadership and go inside. Speaking to Delk proves to be unfruitful so Danni slices through the door starting a gun fight.

Grenades and blaster bolts fly as Delk ducks out the back door in an effort to escape, with Nerus and Danni in hot pursuit. They eventually chase him into a garage and before he can get away on a speeder bike they manage to stun him long enough to handcuff him.

They take him off and interrogate Delk. During the interrogation they discover that he was one of the shooters that killed Bal-Hoom Melta. They turn Delk over to to the security personnel and left with Kumar in search of Droom (a corrupt security officer), who cleaned up the alley after the murder. They manage to follow him to a tattoo parlor, Nerus and Danni go inside to drag him out one way or another.

Another fight ensues as Droom draws his blaster as well as most of the clientele in the parlor. They manage to finally hit Droom enough times that he drops, unfortunately he has taken too many wounds and is on the verge of dying. Nerus grabs him, confiscates a nearby car and races through the streets to the nearest hospital. Danni continues chasing down and dealing with the rest of the thugs that drew weapons.

Nerus reaches the hospital and gets Droom into a bacta tank before he expires, eventually Danni arrives at the hospital. A short time after that Tyfanni and Talan arrive and take the situation in hand. It is decided that we will take an ambulance to transport Droom back to the Super Trigon One. As a smokescreen we communicate with Kumar that we are moving against Heldon Marsh.

We get stopped at the checkpoint outside of the star port and with a combination of jedi powers, intimidation, and finally our Galaxy Ranger credentials. However, it is all for naught as we drive into an ambush. To disrupt the ambush Nerus convinces the drive to ram the boxes the attackers are hiding behind.

A fierce battle ensues we Nerus, Tyfanni, Fersyn, and Talan rush out of the ambulance attempting to kill the ambushing thugs.  Unfortunately while we are drawn out of the ambulance to battle the thugs among the boxes, one of them sneaks up and tosses a grenade into the ambulance killing Droom. Luckily we manage to take a prisoner from the ambush who claims he knows who paid him for attack.

We reach the ship and boost clear of the planet. Once back we file our report with the Galaxy Rangers and present all of our information. Most of the people involved are either killed mysteriously, driven off planet, or disappear underground. Only Therahiul manages to survive by using many expensive lawyers.

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