The die is cast and the information gathered

Tyfanni and Talan go visit Captain Trim Hogg, who is the captain of the vessel next to ours that has been looking over at us several times while we were coming and going. Tyfanni climbs on top of the ship and after a brief “discussion” with the captain she takes over his repair and sends both Talen and Captain Hogg for parts. After a few hours she finishes the repairs and leaves a “happy” Captain Hogg and his now-to-specification vessel.

With one problem solved, Talan and Tyfanni begin to work their way around the bars that surround the spaceport. They spread the information that we are looking for Oom Tosh for a cargo and that he is working for Heldon Marsh. After two hours they return to the ship, but get confronted by Oom and several men before they reach the safety of the ship. It is a tense situation, but thankfully never descends into violence. What information is gained is that Oom has a very low opinion of Marsh and he is willing to meet with Captain Bold tomorrow at 1400 LT to discuss some “cargo.”

Police HQ

Terrip finally arrives and sends Irbo out of the room to bring some data on the murder. They fill the time by discussing the basic elements of the murder and each of them assure the other of full cooperation in this matter. Eventually Irbo returns with the information for Nerus. Terrip thanks Nerus and Jedi Dani (Fersyn) for helping him in this matter, he summons Officer Kumar to drive them back.

During the drive back Nerus chats with Kumar long enough to find out some information about the planet and the police presence. Kumar has a great deal of information about the planet, but he offers almost nothing about any problems within the local police. He does nothing but sing the praises of Commander Terrip and all of the good he has done to fight the high level of crime that is often associated with most docks.

When Kumar pulls up to the Port Authority he lets Nerus and Dani out of the speeder and wish them well. Nerus goes inside to get the Super Trigon One registered as an official vessel of the Galaxy Rangers, while Jedi Dani walks back towards her hostel room. Along the way Dani asks around for information about Heldon Marsh, but finds nothing. Eventually she reaches her room changes back into her crew outfit and returns to the ship.

Kumar and Nerus reach the ship and settle into the crew “lounge” to go over the information gathered by Irbo. They barely get started when Talan and Tyfanni returns. Tyfanni continues to the galley, but Talan does not get the hint from Nerus and sits on some boxes to listen to the conversation. The most likely problem about the report is the large amount of time that passes from the time of the murder until the first officials arrive at the scene. In fact the entire report seems to be rather slip-shod and missing some vital details.

During this time Kumar has been in contact with the police dispatcher every hour to “check in” on their progress. He seems rather disturbed by the quality of the report, but does his best to make the best of a bad situation. Eventually Nerus decides that it is getting late and dismisses the constable just as Fersyn arrives. Now that we are back together we pull together the various bits of information we have gathered.

Given what information is known it is decided that we will put the screws to Marsh by roughing up people who work for him, burning down his establishments, and making his life dangerous. We will be spreading the word that some new off-world organization is moving into Shipdown 2 and trying to take over his territory.

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