Taking down some smugglers

Danni (Fersyn) goes to the Shining Plateau casino to speak to the head of security concerning his security personnel’s encounter with Jamar. She gets escorted up to the 35th floor and meet with Heldon Marsh. They discuss the attack on his casino. Danni discusses Jamar and why he would be targeting him. She drops hints that he is a paid assassin and rarely deals with local talent.┬áMr. Marsh indicates that Brood Thalen or Novum Teal Draw are the most likely┬ácandidates for hiring Jamar.

Nerus meet with Kumar about illegal material moving through the spaceport at 3am. He wants Kumar to gather up some men to precipitate in the raid. This raid is a smoke screen so that both Danni and Jamar will be seen at the same time. Talan will be disguised as Danni while Fersyn is out destroying Brood Thalen’s properties claiming that he has not been paid. This will ensure that nobody believes that both are the same person and show Heldon that Jamar is coming specifically for him backed by Brood Thalen.

We gather back at the ship with Fersyn managing to threaten but not lose a Naconian tailing her. Kumar sees Tyfanni and Fersyn leave for some R&R time in the town, while Nerus and Talan (disguised as Danni) stay on ship.

Tyfanni goes in search of the gossum that killed the security officer and knows too much about Nerus. Fersyn notices that the same Naconian is following her, which is odd because when she saw him last she was in her Danni disguise. She manages to lose him by cutting through a brothel. With her tail gone she goes to her room and recovers her Jamar disguise.

At 2am Kumar and the men that he has gathered for the raid meet up outside of the port with Nerus and Danni (Talan). The plan is to come in through the roof and surprise the “smugglers”. Kumar flies over the bay and Nerus, Danni, and Lumin Torg (security guard) jump out. Nerus sees the line of slaves being loaded in ship, he demands the crew surrender. Some of the crew retreat while the rest take cover and shoot him. Danni runs inside of the freighter to stop the crew from lifting off.

Torg finishes assembling his rifle and brings down a partially concealed smuggler. Twei and Kumar both jump out of the air speeder, Twei cuffs the downed smuggler while Kumar follows Danni up the cargo hatch. Inside the cargo ship Oom Tosh charges Danni with a vibro axe, after an exchange of blows Danni steps backwards with a nasty wound. Nerus jumps off the ship and scrambles up the crew ladder into the cockpit.

Nerus and the pilot exchange blaster fire in the confines of the cockpit and it is Nerus who comes out alive. Talan and Kumar drive back Tosh, but Talan goes down as the vibro axe cuts deep into his side. Kumar steps back as Tosh closes to take him down when Nerus enters the cargo bay through a side passage and drops him with a few well-placed blaster shots.

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