Land of the Rising Sabacc

Fersyn and Talan return to the Super Trigon One with our prisoner. Fersyn ties him to a chair while Talan fetches “Captain Bold”. The Captain talks to the prisoner and we find out that he is a bodyguard/confident for Novum. He claims that he attacked us because we started asking around Novum and could be from one of the planetary factions that is hunting for him.

Captain Bold goes and fetches Nerus to handle the situation, since he is the one that sent us to make contact with Novum. Nerus returns and tells the prisoner, who calls himself Holbie, that he is a Galaxy Ranger that was sent to this planet to investigate the assassination of Bal-Hoom Melta. Holbie does not deny that he heard of the killing, but simply that he protects Novum – he does not know if his employer knows anything about Bal-Hoom’s murder.

In order to avoid suspicion Nerus works to make Holbie look like he has been beat up and have Fersyn and Talan drop him in an alleyway. Afterwords we return to the ship and wait until nightfall. Come nightfall we leave in two groups. The first group consists of Talan and Fersyn leaving as ship’s crew again who heads straight to the Rising Sun Casino. Following about one hour behind them is Nerus and Tyfanni who meander around. Before they reach the casino Nerus attempts to disguise both of them.

Rising Sun

Inside the casino Talan and Fersyn divide the money between themselves and being gambling. We have time to kill and do our best to fit in with the other gamblers. Twenty minutes later Nerus and Tyfanni enter the casino, they go to the fighting pits. When the time comes Talan makes the appropriate bet and when his Sabacc card next changes it shows Suite 1138 in 30 minutes.

A few hands later both Talan and Fersyn leave the casino for the hotel elevators and pass by Tyfanni so that she can see them leaving. Tyfanni and Nerus follow them at a discrete distance to ensure that nobody is following them. On the 11th floor we meet up in outside of room 1138.

Shortly after knocking, a female farghul answers the door and invites us inside. She leads us into a back room where three men are waiting, one of them openly carrying a blaster carbine. Nerus looks them over and notices everyone is carrying concealed weapons of one sort or another. A mature farghul comes forward and identifies himself as Novum.

Novum is pretty straight forward about the situation on the planet. He puts himself forward as an honest businessman who is simply trying to survive in a city full of corruption. He does not know who killed Bal-Hoom, but he believes that Terrip Mul (chief of planetary security) or Heldon Marsh (criminal leader) is the most likely suspect. Neither would directly dirty their hands, but they are most likely paid for the work.

The meeting goes well. He agrees to help us uncover whatever information he can find without drawing attention to himself. He says that Marev, the young farghul that met us at the door will act as his factor in this matter. If any other farghul attempts to meet us on this matter assume that something is amiss. With that he gives each of us 500 credits to spend at his casino and bids us adieu.

Divide Again

The next morning we break up into two teams again. Nerus and Fersyn will visit Terrip Mul in their official capacity, while Talan and Tyfanni dig up whatever contacts or information they can gain about Heldon Marsh. Talan and Tyfanni leave the ship together to travel into the city and work their way through the bars and spaceport where smugglers and criminals are commonly found.

A Jedi suddenly appearing on the ship would draw to many questions, so Fersyn rented a hotel room in her Jedi persona and checked into the hotel. Nerus was then able to meet Fersyn at the hotel and together they went to the security headquarters to get a meeting with Terrip.

At the headquarters they are stopped by a desk sergeant, but Nerus quickly puts the man in his place. When Lt. Commander Irbo, Terrip’s assistant, finally arrives Nerus is sitting in the sergeant’s chair while the sergeant is forces to do his job standing by his desk. Irbo takes his “guests” upstairs where they can wait outside of Terrip’s office until he arrives. He attempts to uncover the reason while a Galaxy Ranger and Jedi have arrived, but makes little progress against Fersyn’s icy stare.


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