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Nerus and Fersyn quickly search the room while Tyfanni tries to tear her way through the security door the manager fled through. Nerus contacts Talan that they have successfully taken control of the security room. Nerus calls Tyfanni over because he cannot access the computer system, leaving Fersyn to continue hacking her way through the door.

Talan collects his chips and goes through the Employee’s Only door he found earlier in the evening. He goes to the employee lounge and using his “Jedi Mind Tricks” convinces an employee to give him directions to security. Talan goes to the elevators and waits for one to arrive.

Meanwhile in the security offices a security team locks out the computers in the control room and manually force the outer door. Nerus shots one of them, but two others rush through and drop him unconscious with a pair of blaster carbine shots. Tyfanni ducks behind the console for cover  while two more security guards rush into the room. Fersyn is not aware of the attack and continues cutting through the door.

Tyfanni leaps over the console while drawing her vibroblade and kills the two standing in the doorway. The remaining two guards take cover firing at Tyfanni, but miss horribly. Tyfanni charges them and takes both of them out while sustaining only a single glancing blaster bolt to her shoulder. Fersyn finally cuts through the door and charges down the hallway after the security manager.

Talan’s elevator stops on the 4th floor and a team of security guards get inside. They order Talan out, but he manages to convince them that he must go to the 5th floor. The elevator opens on the 5th floor and the team runs down the hallway telling Talan to stay in the elevator. Talan turns around and tells the rest of the team that a security team is readying to charge the office.

Tyfanni brings Nerus around in time to hear Talan’s warning. Fersyn did not hear the warning and so when she reached the end of the hallway she began working her way down the maintenance ladder that was the only way out. Nerus staggered up and over to one of the downed guards and picked up his blaster carbine and Tyfanni took up a position covering the door.

Tyfanni hates waiting so she picks up the captured guard and uses his body as both shield and improvised weapon as she charges through the doorway. Talan uses this distraction to move behind the last guard and convince him to give him and blaster, which he promptly uses to shoot the guard. Tyfanni dispatches the rest of the guard team just as the fire alarm goes off dousing everyone in fire-suppressant foam.

Tyfanni, Nerus, and Fersyn make their way down the ladder to a private parking garage. Tyfanni cracks the security code on an aircar and they make their way safely to the starport. Talan goes down the stairs and mingles with the escaping employees and escapes the casino.

The next day Talan returns to the casino and retrieves his equipment. While he is gone Kumar calls Nerus and informs him that he is now required to have a room on the ship and stay with him for the duration of their stay on the planet. Planetary Security has credible evidence of a unspecified threat on his life. Tyfanni is restricted to her room because her disguise was not good enough to hide her identity completely.

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