It all goes up in Flames, all of it

Greigor gets caught by the local security and taken away in a police speeder. He panics and forces open the rear door tumbling out into the street leaving behind a grenade. Three seconds later the back of the vehicle explodes, which crashes into a wall and catches fire. Greigor rushes to the vehicle, pops the lock on the trunk, and retrieves all of his equipment. Looking around at the dozens of witnesses he runs through the crowd and disappears into the back alleys of Shipdown 2.

Kumar arrives at the ship with a duffel and information on the attack at the Shining Plateau. Nerus tells Talan and Tyfanni that it would be best is they contact Novum Teal Draw and tell him that he will be picked up for questioning soon. He requests that Novum puts up a good defense even though we know that he is not a suspect. While out any rumors we pick up would be helpful given the recent attack on the Shining Plateau.

Kumar and Nerus get into the speeder and go to the hotel to pick up Fersyn (her her Jedi disguise). Given that a jedi was involved in the attack on the casino he wants the opinion of a jedi on how to deal with them. As soon as the air speeder is out of sight Tyfanni and Talan leave the ship for the Three World Eatery to meet with Novum. After all of the comings and goings settle down Greigor comes to the ship and tells the pilot to have the captain contact him on his comm.

Fersyn (aka Danni) was not in her room, but within an hour they track her down to nearby tavern. She gives Nerus enough information that he can appear knowledgeable about the jedi and the possibility one a rogue mercenary. Kumar would like Danni to accompany them back to the station and help interview witnesses. Danni agrees and the trio go to planetary security headquarters to speak with Terrip Mul.

Meanwhile Talan and Tyfanni go to the Three World Eatery and make contact with Marev, who works there as head waitress. Talan and Tyfanni  go up to a private room to talk. Talan tell her that Nerus will be pulling in Draw and he wants him to put up a strong front and stick to his story. He knows that Draw is not involved, but will be using him as a stalking horse for the real killer. Marev passes on a comm number of a being that has information about the killing. Talan thanks Marev and both him and Tyfanni leave the tavern.

Talan and Marev go and spend a few hours in the area around the taverns hunting up rumors about the attack on the casino. We pick up information that most people assume Terrip Mul organized the attack. The attackers were clearly off-worlders and only Terrip could get such people into Shipdown 2. This attack has also allowed Terrip to close down the port which has driven of the cost of many goods.

Planetary Security HQ

Danni, Nerus, and Kumar return to Planetary Security HQ for a meeting with Terrip Mul. He demands information concerning the attack on the casino. There was a jedi in the attack and Danni just happened to show up a day before the attack. The jedi simply do not pass through Ballareal without cause. Nerus spins a tale about a rogue jedi named Jamar that they have been tracking. Terrip turns on Danni immediately demanding information and Danni simply says ‘no.’

For the next several hours Nerus investigates Therahiul , Brood Thalen, Oom Tosh each on their actions and whereabouts when the murder took place. The only one that proves fruitful is the one with Brood Thalen who clearly made veiled threats about those who oppose him resulting in him breaking the chair in the interrogation room.

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