Breakdown at the Shining Plateau

Talan, Nerus, Fersyn, and Tyfanni make their way to the Shining Plateau casino, which is owned by Brood Thalen. Talan goes inside to mingling among the gamblers in case there is trouble inside. The others plan to enter the casino through the back where they will rough up his staff and leave the impression that a new off-worlder group is moving in to take over the spaceports and its surrounds.

In order to get in the back entrance the plan is to ambush an employee and use their credentials to get inside. Tyfanni and Fersyn sit in a nearby alley and use the cover of throwing dice to wait for a mark to come by them while Nerus goes to the end of the alley and hides. Eventually a gossom carrying a secure case exits through a side entrance. The gossom is spooked by finding people clearly “pretending” to play dice and runs down the alley to escape. Fersyn and Tyfanni get up and run after, but he is trapped by Nerus and eventually stunned unconscious.

The “bagman” wakes up to find most of his stuff stripped off his body. Nerus offers the man double whatever he is being paid to help them get into the security room at the casino. Greigor, the bagman, agrees to help him as long as he gets enough to leave this stinking planet. That settled Greigor takes them to his apartment so that he can gather up the equipment that he will need to crack the casino security. Unbeknownst to Greigor his employer called the police when he did not arrive at his destination. With a bunch of luck and a balky elevator they manage to slip around the police and leave his apartment safely.

Shining Plateau

Nerus leads the team to a empty storefront he had been using and touches up everyone’s disguise. When all it ready they use Greigor’s pass to enter the back employee entrance and ride the elevator the to fifth floor. On their way up Nerus uses his comm link to reach Talan in the main gambling floor. He informs him that they are in the building and will contact him if he is needed to help them leave.

Greigor slices the door lock and opens the door into the security room. Tyfanni runs into the smaller locked security that is just on the other side and attacks the armorplast that divides the area from the main security room. Fersyn runs forward and begins slicing through with her lightsaber, while Greigor blasts the door. The security guards take positions behind their consoles, draw their blaster carbines, and begin gassing everyone in the small room.

Eventually they break through the armorplast before being overcome by the gas and charge the security guards. The battle lasts less than 30 seconds for them to completely overwhelm the defenders with only the commander escaping down a narrow corridor yelling for reinforcements.

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