All information costs – money or something else

Nerus contacts Fersyn and Talan aboard the Super Trigun One. We exchange information, but there is information that cannot be exchanged over the com-link. Shortly after Fersyn gets off the connection the ship’s comms indicate an incoming call. The caller is clearly voice modulated and tells us that if we are interested in meeting Novum Teal Draw we should be at the Rising Star Casino, sta at table 3 at 0200 ST. If we bet 33 credits for 2 hands in the row the dealer will give us a card with information on how to contact Novum.

While Tyfanni recovers from her beating, Fersyn and Talan leave the ship to find information Heldon Marsh, who Korn Melta believes is involved in the voter fraud as will as much of the organized crime in Shipdown 2. We visit the Epsilon Paradise casino where after a brief moment of time we are shown to the lockers where weapons can be stored and our money converted to gaming chits.

After almost two hours of gambling and moving around we find some information about Lachen Tul who owns the Epsilon Paradise. Talan plays enough sabacc to understand the basics of the game, but ends up losing several hands. With little else to go on we gather our equipment and return to the ship.

Before we return to the ship the ship’s pilot comms Nerus that a Hauk has requested entry to the ship to speak to the ship’s captain. Nerus wakes Tyfanni and send her to let him in, and only him, and keep an eye on his while he changes into his captain’s disguise. When Nerus reaches the hold Tyfanni and the Hauk are standing nearly face to face with deadly looks on their eyes.

“Captain Bold” steps between them and faces the Hauk who identifies himself as Oom Tosh. Oom is here because Captain Bold put out information that he was looking for a cargo and was not very worried about its legality. Oom questions the Captain about his passengers and any other cargo he is carrying. After several minutes both the Captain and Oom come to a understanding with the Oom warning the Captain about the dangers of his passenger.

Fersyn and Talan are wandering around outside of the casinos killing time until 0100 when they are expected to meet up with Nerus and Tyfanni outside of the Rising Star Casino. Using the same tactics as before Talan is acting as bait while Fersyn is tailing him. Talan pushes back several pick pocket attempts before he spots the assassin from this morning. He ducks into a dark alley, making sure that the assassin sees him do it. Unfortunately the end of the alley is blocked off by a entrance to a club.

Just as the assassin and someone else step into the opening of the alley a rowdy drunken crowd carrying stun batons barrels out of the door. They knock Talan to the ground and club him unconscious when he tries to rise. In the confusion the assassin cannot get towards Talan, but Fersyn slips into the alley and moves to protect Talan. She convinces the crowd that Talan owes her money so they leave him alone and return to the club.

Before they can get clear of the alley the assassin and his helper start firing stunning bolts at us. We take cover and Fersyn returns very accurate fire towards the assassin, but he shrugs off the stunning bolts. When Talan sees the other attacker flee he charges towards the assassin trying to drive him off just as he finally succumbs to Fersyn’s stunner bolts.

Fersyn and Talan hoist the assassin between them and carry him out of the alley as if he were simply another drunk. They quickly exit the larger crowds before haling a robo-hack to take them back to the ship.

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