It is a strange crew put together

The Republic’s Galaxy Rangers, with assistance from the Jedi Council, have put together several teams for handling a growing number of problems in the Republic. This team is comprised of Nerus (Galaxy Ranger and former video star), Fersyn (padawan), Talan (padawan), and Tyffani (Galaxy Ranger).  The Rangers agree to assign one more to the team from several that are just finishing their training.

Tyffani is not yet available for assignment, but we are assured she will be available before we leave Coruscant. The rest of us are given a quick brief by Petta Fride Hissup, our immediate commander. The planet of Balla Real (also called Coris 6) is part of the Kestar Stellar had a recent political assassination in one of their major cities Shipdown 2. The local authorities are far too corrupt to be trusted to investigate and given the fact that the victim is the kin of their Senator, Korm Melta, could cause problems if the investigation is white-washed.

The victim, Bal-hoom Melta, was elected to the position even though independent investigations showed massive voter fraud for his opponent. The actual murder took place within the city’s red light district, lending a special sensitivity to the investigation. Shipdown 2 represents not only the planet’s largest source of income, but its largest criminal element that feeds upon the money that flows through this starport.

On that note Nerus, Fersyn, and Talan go to speak with Senator Korm Melta at his personal quarters. We note that the Senator is protected by a Rodian security team that seems very much on edge. Security is not just tight, but very heavy, even for a Senator of his rank. The Senator tells us that it is clear to him that criminal elements in Shipdown 2 must be responsible. His three most likely candidates is Heldon Marsh, Brude Thallon, or Thera Huul. Heldon is a career criminal and heavily involved in violent acts, Brude is a successful smuggler who has close contacts within the spaceport, and finally Thera has her hands in many of the local undesirables. Before we leave the Senator again stresses that we must find which of these criminals killed his kin.

We decide that we will approach this assignment from both a official and non-official. The Galaxy Rangers outfit a transport ship named the Super Trigon One. Nerus will use his disguise skill to act as both the captain as well as official investigator. The rest of the team will be assigned as crewmen on the transport. The cover story is that the Galaxy Rangers have chartered space on this transport in order to deliver Nerus to Balla Real for the investigation.

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