Bar fight turns out badly

Talan and Fersyn head into town looking for Novum Teal Draw. After several encounters with less reputable people in the central market. They manage to find their way to a bar where they meet a Twi-leki woman. Fersyn stays back to cover Talan while he goes and talks to the woman. It is a short conversation and the woman who promises to pass on information to Novum. It appears to be a dead end, but when the two youngsters leave the bar they acquire three “tails” that follow them through the market.

Fersyn buys Talan a very large and bright hat in the market as they pass through. She has Talan go on ahead to the public transport system while she falls behind. She does not inform Talan of her plan, but she falls back to get a better eye on our followers. Her plan works as the tails follow Talan and the one that has been moving in front of him enters the transport ahead of Talan.

Unbeknownst to Fersyn, Talan has also made and when the tail sits on the transport Talen sits in the same bench next to him. When Fersyn gets on the transport she notices the situation and moves to sit immediately behind them. Unfortunately both Fersyn and Talan read the trapped tail differently and in the end Talan used his “Jedi Mind Tricks” to force the tail to exit the transport at the first stop. With their tails shaken the pair return to their ship with no further incidents.

Pers Weller

Nerus and Tyffani travel into the city to meet with the local police to get their help in tracking down Pers Weller (Bal-Hoom Melta’s campaign manager). They go to a bar called the Two Credit Operation based upon information they have gathered. To help smooth their presence Nerus puts out the word that he is looking for cargo to pick up on the return trip and he was not worried about the “legality” of the cargo.

Based upon information they goes upstairs to meet with a contact. Nerus goes through the door, but before Tyffani can go through it shuts and locks with a resounding thud. Tyffani throws herself at the door to reach Nerus before he is killed by whatever is behind that door. Nerus finds himself standing in an empty room for just a few moments before the lights go out.

Fearing for Nerus’ life, Tyffani launches herself at the door to bash it down. She nearly gets through the door before a waitress attacks her with a stun staff. Tyffani swings her tail, felling her in one blow. Unfortunately she slips on the waitresses’ blood and before she can regain her feet is knocked unconscious by other bar patrons.

Several men enter the darkened room and demand Nerus surrender himself. After a short, but tense, conversation he convinces them that he is not here to hurt Pers just to ask questions. He hands over his Galaxy Rangers badge and blaster. After a few minutes Nerus is escorted into a small backroom and finds a Twi-leki woman holding a blaster at him. She identifies herself as Pers and tells him that if his identification does not check out he will be killed.

Downstairs in the bar Tyffani wakes up as several men in the bar are trying to tie her up. She frees herself and a brawl ensues. In the end all of the men are down and she once again launches herself at the door. This time the door sunders under her attack. As she runs up the stairs she tries to reach Nerus on her com-link. Once they make connection Tyffani is given instructions to go someplace, calm down, and sit quietly until he gets done negotiating. Tyffani complies by returning to the bar and sitting down – glaring at everyone.

Nerus negotiates as best as he could with Pers Weller, playing on his well-recorded history as a rock star. It gets him at least a foot in the door with Pers, enough that he may be able to call upon her at a future date.



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