Heinrich’s Diary – Day 1

Today Hy had lots uf goot tings to happen.  Today ve met a new FBI man. Ve vent to a museum to see someting dot vas gone.  Hy em not sure vy ve had to go, if it iz gone, den dere iz noting to see.  Bot dot iz vot Lady Ophelia said to do, zo dot iz vot ve deed.  Ven ve gots dere, de new FBI man vas dere.  He vas all clean und shiny.  Den, ve gots to fight some monshter dot vas tryink to shteal de missink shtuff.  Hy guess no vun told dem.
De new FBI man gots confused. Ve took him drinkink.  Beer usually helps de FBI guys de firsht time.

Ven ve vere out drinkink, Lady Ophelia called Joe.  Hyu know, dot guy vit de long hair.  Joe took us to vere de police found a frozen man.  He vas zo frozen he broke.  Hy sav dot once, bot Hy can’t remember vere.  De next day ve gots to go to a dead pipple place.  Too bad de fonny smellink detective ceme vit.  Hy do not like cigarettez.  De doktor dere vas very nize, he smelled goot.  Bad monshters attacked us und tried to shteal dead bodies dot gots frozen.  One uf dem vas made from lots uf tings in de office.

After dot, Hy gots bored und found a fairy vit a fire lizard. Ho, a fire lizard alzo tried to shteal de dead bodies.  The fairy said de dvarves vere tryink to shteal de bodies. De fairy said Hy vas borink zo Hy gave her a ride.  She vent far.

Ve had to go meet some vitches in de middle uf de night. De dvarves vanted to gets a gurl beck from de vitches.  Hy deedn’t hear de talk, bot it deedn’t go vell.

Den ve had to find de gurl.  Vho knows vy, if no vun else could, vy dey sent us.  Ve gots to go to some clubs.  Hy pretended to be some gurls body guard.  It vasn’t moch fon, dere vere no fights.

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