Heinrich’s Diary – de ferry place

Well, lots uf shtuff happened sinz Hy lasht vrote about hit. The FBH guy found de gurl und den losht her again. Hy tink zome trolls gotz her. Ve found de gang plaz vere zhe vent, bot zhe vas already gone. Joseph keeled a vhole bunches uf bad mens. Hy gots shot, bot it vas not dot bad. There vas a dvarf dere. Zen Ophelia called und sed dot de angry father vas sendink hiz zon to beat op our country. Ya, like if he couldn’t keep track uf hiz child, he gots to be pritty dumb. Someone like dot, dey alvays breaks shtuff und hits de goot guys to show dey are de boss. Vell, ve don’t vant de country freezink Hy guess, zo off ve go to de ferry place.
Vile ve vas in de ferry place, it vas cold. Yosef gots extras cold Hy guez und he de vant to hunt buffalo. Hy guess only em Indian can find buffalo in a dark cold place viz nottink. It tried to eat him. Me und shtinky man Yack fought it off. Yosef deedn’t vake op for a vile.
Ve gots to de Goblin King’s plaz. Hy told de groop dot ve should jusht valk in. Zey thought Hy vas crazy, bot ve gots in. De keeng vas dere vit lots uf goblins. He vas very goot lookink, not like a goblin. There vere goblins all over too. He offered us food. Hy had to keep FBH guy from eatink. FBH guy vas real quiet. Hy tink he needed beer, bot ve forgot to brink some from de real vorld.
Ve had trouble figurink out someting to offer de keeng to gets de gurl beck. De goblin keeng vanted us to go schtop some nun vho took beck de babies he shtole. Vile ve vere talkink, Yack de shtinky guy said he vanted to make sure all de babies he took vas happy. He alzo vanted to make sure de gurl vas safe. He left for a long time. All oft a shudden, he showed op vit de gurl on hiz shoulder. He told de goblin keeng dot de monshters vere not zo tough. Den de fight shtarted.
Hy tried to hold off de goblins, bot shtopid Yosef vent batty again und decided dot he had to go punch de Goblin King. Shtopid Yosef. Den dey shtarted to beat us op. Hy had to go keeck de door open, none uf de men could figure out how to open a door. Yosef vas shtill tryink to hit de Goblin King.
Dere vere lots und lots uf goblins. Ve vere not able to gets out. Hy had an idea how to gets us out. De Goblin King vas needink a servant. Hy needed a mashter. Hy offered to de Goblin King to be hiz servant in exchange for de freedom uf those vit me. He sed ya. Hy vas mad because Hy had to take a mashter vho vas not uf de bloodline.
Ve took de gurl beck. She deedn’t vake op. Ve gave her to de dvarf. The shtorm schtopped.
Now it iz all done vit. Hy can’t sleep because Hy vant to be by my mashter’s side. Hy can’t gets beck dere. Hy em gon to liff in dot old buildink dot vas near vere ve vent to gets to de Mashter.
Gueten Nacht, Tagebuch.

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