The road to Marsember

Fall 1372

Narl and Angharad go to have dinner with Lady Nadia’s family; unfortunately Narl manages to excuse himself for the night rather poorly. It causes a bit of difficulty, but thankfully Angharad manages to smooth over the situation.

Orcslayer will be staying overnight at the warehouse while Henry goes around the surrounding area and asks some rather pointed questions. After the moon crosses over the horizon a hooded figure opens the door to the warehouse and locks it behind him. He puts down a sack that he is carrying and works his way among the crates. Orcslayer sneaks up behind the figure and kidney punches the figure unconscious, while the guard in the warehouse comes rushing over. Unfortunately when he pulls off the hood he discovers it is his fiancée Julianna bringing him a dinner. It becomes a very frosty dinner as she invites the guard to have dinner with them.

Henry has been working his way down the row of warehouses. At warehouse number 5 the guard is both rude and wearing heavy armor, which is suspicious but not enough to force himself inside. At warehouse number 6 the guard tells him that warehouse 5 was robbed on the same night that warehouse 1 was robbed (Julianna’s father’s warehouse). After hearing that information he confronts the guard in warehouse 5, but gets the brush off. With that information he runs down to warehouse 1 to fetch Orcslayer.

Together the two of them confront the guard, who begins yelling “Help thieves!” at the top of his lungs. While Orcslayer tries to convince him that they are in fact trying to help, Henry goes next door hoping to have the guard there identify or not the guard in warehouse 5. Warehouse 6 is empty, so Henry opens the lock and goes inside to investigate. In warehouse 5 several Purple Dragon Knights show up in answer to the call. The lamed guard makes a run for it, followed closely by Orcslayer. The guards call for them to stop and Orcslayer complies, allowing the guard to escape. He quickly does his best to convince the knights that he was chasing a thief and needs their help to grab him. They are not fully convinced, but agree to let him help them track down the thief, who unfortunately covered his trail enough that they lose him. With no other suspects in the thefts the knights drag Orcslayer into custody and lock him up for the night.

Lady Nadia and Narl visit the small shrine to Lathander to perform the morning prayers. After she blesses each of the people that visit this morning the two of them head off to the east gate. Angharad finishes morning training with her recruits before she washes off and also heads to the east gate. As the day progresses several other hardened adventurers begin to gather at the gate. Eventually Oversword Evenwood arrives and greet the Unlikely Company. He is a bit worried that the rest of the company has not arrived, but Angharad assures him that the rest of the company will be there when they are needed. He tells them to go to the Night Inn to wait for the princess to talk to them sometime during the festival meal.

After the meal is finished the princess rises and tells them why they are gathered together. A powerful artifact has been stolen by a group that threatens the king. She has sent several war wizards along with a guard to recover the artifact, but none of them have returned. Each of the adventuring companies will be given individual areas of responsibilities that they will be expected to cover. If the artifact is found we are not supposed to touch it – instead we are given a bag that provides for two-way transportation into a small holding cell in a secure building. We are given the responsibility for the area around Sembia around Saerloon.

Orcslayer is eventually released from jail after one of the ranking knights vouch for him and assures the guards that he is not a thief. After being released from prison he cleans himself up and goes to the Night Inn for the start of the celebration. He finds Narl talking to Angharad’s horse outside of the inn. Given that the inn has several Purple Dragon Knights guarding it, so he decides not to go inside. Instead he meets up with the others at the start of the parade. The Unlikely Company, except for Henry, make their way along with the parade until they exit the gates where each company makes their way to the common grounds for a festival. When Henry sees them enter the woods near the festival he drops the disguise and joins them.

Together we plan the best route to reach Saerloon, while Orcslayer returns to see Julianna and apologize for last night. They patch things up mostly; although she appears before him grievously wounded. He comes back with a nice riding horse and a bit more of a cheery mood. As the various companies begin to separate for the night we leave for Marsember, where we plan to charter a boat. We stop at the Sad Jester Inn, which sits on a cliff overlooking the Dragonmere. We reach Marsember in the middle of the afternoon and begin to go our separate ways to make the most of the little time we have before we have to leave.

Orcslayer and Henry book passage on a merchant ship that is willing to take us to Saerloon. Angharad asks around for a Tormite shrine and finds out that there is not one in town. Instead she finds an inn and a young half-elven musician from Daerlun to sit and drink with her. Narl and Lady Nadia go to the temple of Lathander and meet with the temple’s leaders. They get a good bit of information about the political situation in Sembia. Given that the only place we all know in town is the temple we use it as a central location to keep track of our whereabouts. Night falls.

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