T is for trap

We blunder through the woods with the Lionar Barons (Cormyrian soldier), Shink (Captain of the Keep), and the Silver Raven tied over our horses. Orcslayer follows behind disguising our trail so the we are not followed. Eventually we find an old campsite and decide to stop to rest for a few minutes. Orcslayer catches up to us and when he enters camp – he brings with him a young man dressed in primitive clothes.

The man tells us his name is Jandar, a Rashemen, and his companion Favara was at the inn when the explosion happened. He had been given the important mission of protecting her by Witch Liarn, so he followed the tracks as best as he could northwest of the town. He eventually came to a tomb north of this campsite where he was attacked by assassins, who left him for dead. There is a great deal of discussion, but in the end we decide to camp here for a few hours before traveling to the tomb and discovering what is up there ourselves. During his morning watch Henry spots three griffons flying close together with riders. Knowing that the Silver Ravens are searching for us from the sky makes travel in the day more difficult, even under the protective canopy of the forest.

In the morning we outfit Lionar Barons with equipment and a horse. He writes up his report and sends it through the magic bag that we carry. We also send out own report and read missives from our sponsors that are hearing rumors that we have made things difficult by our obvious presence. We finally get the names of the two people that disappeared: Calendi is a High Mage and Vestele was a Harper companion. It is possible that Calendi was responsible for the explosion at the inn, but Henry still thinks it is far more likely ancient magic rather than something of lesser stature.

The group is heading towards the tomb when Henry spots a small boy running through the woods. He calls out and the boy comes over yelling that his house is under attack. Heedless of the odds of a child finding us in the middle of the woods just blindly running around everyone except Henry insists on helping this child. Angharad pulls the kid up on her mount and everyone speeds off to help the child leaving the Rashemen hunter back on the trail.

Ahead is a dark smoke, which causes the kids to wail in distress that his house is on fire. Angharad and Orcslayer rush around to the other side of the cabin to break down the door, they can hear voices coming from inside. Narl and Lady Nadia each ride off to the flank to assist if necessary. Henry stops and looks around still suspicious of the child. As Orcslayer and Angharad each try to break in a door that is heavily barred from the inside, Henry sees several men rise up from hidden positions with crossbows.

Henry yells an alarm that we are under attack from the rear while he dismounts, using his horse for cover. Narl and Lady Nadia move for cover in the woods, while Orcslayer and Angharad continue to bash away at the door. Angharad and Orcslayer finally break into the cabin and find the heavy smoke is caused by wet blankets and heavy logs piled into the chimney and there are two girls tied up inside. Angharad commands Orcslayer to save the girls while she calls for her unicorn to join the battle.

In the woods Lady Nadia is forced to cover after two poisoned bolts solidly strike her. Narl brings his warhorse around summoning animals and casting magic bolts at any enemies in sight. Henry lets his magic shield position itself in front of him as he comes out from behind his horse firing arrows at the attackers. Angharad and her unicorn join the battle killing the first assassin in front of her. One of the assassins jumps on the back of Narl’s mount and begins to slash at him with a dagger.

Orcslayer frees the young girls and tells them to get out of the house and into the safety of the woods. Instead one of the girls picks up a knife and stabs him in the back, driving the poisoned blade deep between his shoulder blades. Orcslayer, still unable to kill a woman, instead strike her twice with his open fist while she stabs him again in return.

A small fireball explodes in the woods south of the cabin as the battle begins to shift west then north of the cabin. Narl, Henry, and Angharad press the attack and drive the assassins deeper into the woods – with many of the assassins falling in battle. Eventually one of the assassins blows a whistle all of the survivors flee north. Henry chases one down and puts a arrow solidly into his back, which causes the assassin to explode in a small fireball. Narl’s dogs continue to chase after the three fleeing assassins and we hear a single explosion in the distance.

Orcslayer managed to knock out the girl that was attacking him. After interrogating her we discover it is actually a man with some type of spell upon him. He claims that if we kill him then his friends will kill the sister. Before we can properly interrogate him, Henry sees the three griffons that he spotted earlier heading towards the smoke from the cabin. With no other choice we mount up and ride into the forest to escape detection.

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