Next on Dr. Phil – taking with sensitive undead

Orcslayer steps out of the tree cover and hails the orc guarding the front of the tomb. The orc says that this master is in the tomb and he cannot let anyone into the tomb. Orcslayer asks for him to summon his master as he wishes to talk to him. A robed figure, with smoke coming off his body, exits the tomb and demands to know why his guard summoned him. We speak to him about the tomb and the fact that we are looking for something that might be inside. He tells us we are welcome to look, but be wary of the guardian for it is very powerful.

We descend into the tomb with little light except for a small torch carried by Angharad. At the edge of the light a human covered in rotting flesh appears. He claims that he is the guardian of this tomb and cannot let us pass; however it is very willing to talk as long as we do not try to pass him. He tells us that a woman was here before and she took something from these tunnels. When she left a large golem awoke and followed her to retrieve the item. Eventually we find out that he was a warrior from a time when two great nations contested the land – nations that long ago fell into dust.  When he finds out that those he served at gone he goes berserk and attacks us. It is a quick battle before he is defeated. Narl uses scroll that at last sends his tortured spirit into the afterworld.

While Lady Nadia is performing end of life rites over the skeletal remains the rest of us go down the hallway to investigate the deeper passages of the tomb. Henry comes upon a small room with a dais in the center of the room. He sees something move in the room and tells everyone to stop. Henry and Orcslayer cautiously enter the room only to be attacked by several ghosts. Henry moves to rear of the corridor while Angharad moves forward to destroy them. Narl is drained of much of his life, but with the help of Lady Nadia the rest of us recover from much of our wounds.

Orcslayer takes a quick breather and proceeds into the room, triggering a trap. An acidic fog begins to quickly fill the room cutting off our way out. Narl charges into the fog, but finds that it is solid enough to stop him. Trapped in the room we take a closer look at the dais. Upon the dais is the rotted remains of a pillow and a book. The remains of the pillow show that something round, like a circlet or crown, was lain once upon it for many centuries. We cannot read the book so we tuck it away for later study.

Upon exiting we find the mage talking to one of the griffon riders. The rider has a bored look on his face before he finally mounts up and flies off. When he is gone we come out of the tomb and walk towards the mage. He is surprised to see us, especially that we have defeated the tomb guardian. It is during the conversation that we finally realize that the mage is in fact, Thazar-de, a Thayan mage whom we last saw in the storeroom of the Unlikely Company. Orcslayer had gotten the better of him during the deal, but Thazar-de was not upset since he is the one that made the deal.

Thazar-de says that he has a conveyance that can fly us along the path if we are willing to negotiate. After much discussion back and forth Henry agrees to introduce Thazar-de to both his friends in high society as well as his contacts in the underground – both of whom would be interested in his wares. The deal is struck and Henry travels with him to his estate. The others rest for the night and reach the estate in the morning.

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