Homecoming and a Parade

Lady Nadia Hargrave is a young priestess of Lathander whose family are minor nobles of Cormyr. This morning her parents informed her that she is to meet with the Oversword this morning. Oversword Evenwood informs her that she is to accompany him Suzail to a festival celebrating adventurers that have worked so hard to defend this land. She is to meet him at the garrison of the Purple dragons in the morning.

That morning Evenwood, dressed in full armor, and Lady Nadia arrive that the new garrison. On the practice ground is Angharad working with the new recruits. Evenwood explains to her that tomorrow is Adventurer’s Day and he would like her to gather up her company, the Unlikely Company, and participate in the parade through the town. The real purpose is that the crown needs to send many of the companies on missions and does not want to scare the populace that several of them are leaving at the same time. Angharad agrees and sends out pairs of runners to gather her companions.

Henry is on his way from his home to his shop while disguised as a commoner when the sending stone from the store that there is a man nearby watching the store. Henry passes in front of the store, changes his disguise to his merchant persona and then enters this store. While passing in front of the alley he passes the man a sign informing him to come to the back of the store. Once the man is inside he informs him that Gorwan, a noble Henry has tangled with in the past and gained the upper hand, has hired an assassin. This assassin is very well-known, highly skilled, and charges by the day. Henry tells the man to spread the word that he is in town, but may be rabbiting. This will cost Gorwan a fortune as Henry plans to leave town so he can never be found.

Anurion Cloudwalker “Orcslayer” and his fiancée, Julianna, are at her parents house when she mentions that her father’s warehouse was broken into last week, but were driven off by her guards. Rather than spend more time more time at her house he readily agrees to check out the warehouse and see if he can help. He gathers up his weapons and goes to the warehouse with her. He climbs up on the roof and examines the place where the thugs pulled up the roofing.  When he leans over the side he notices two men are standing on either side of Julianna. He climbs down quietly and sneaks up behind them, but fails to make them jump. They inform him that they have been sent by Angharad to return him to the garrison. Anurion returns Julianna to her home before leaving for the garrison.

Narl the Brightling is serving in a temple of Lathander outside of Suzail in the town of Marcember. He is summoned by the High Radiance and given a task. He is to travel to the temple in Suzail and deliver a package to the Sunray Lady Nadia. He reaches the temple in Suzail and inquires as to the location of Lady Nadia, whom he finds is currently down at the new Tormite barracks. He goes to the barracks and sees Henry watching Angharad and Lady Nadia sparring. He calls Narl over and together they stand in the shade until Orcslayer finally returns from escorting Julianna home.

Finally together Angharad informs us that she has been contacted by the crown that they have a mission for us to undertake. We will use the cover of the parade to exit the east gate where an agent of the crown will give us the details. At this point we mostly agree and separate for the night. Orcslayer asks Henry to help him investigate a break-in at a warehouse. Narl, Angharad, and Lady Nadia go in search of Oversword Evenwood to ask him some questions.

Narl, Angharad, and Lady Nadia inquire about him at the temple and they direct them to a house in the royal district. Eventually the find him at the house of another noble family. Narl asks him why his copy of the charter expires six months before before the official charter. Evenwood explains, quite sarcastically, that it was simply a ploy to draw Narl to town so that he could gather with his other fellow adventurers without drawing undue attention.

Orcslayer and Henry visit the warehouse, where Orcslayer explains what happens. Henry listens and then peppers him with questions about the “robbery” as it seems like amateur work – assuming something happened at all. The guard’s wounds were magically healed and he fought off the attackers while losing nothing. Henry is doubtful it actually occurred and even it if did it was amateurish, but he agrees to ask around with people that he knows.

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