From righteous knights to black-hearted pirates….it was a busy afternoon

Narl is awoken by his familiar yelling in his head that he is under attack in the hold of the ship. Narl runs down there to find his familiar being grappled by the merchant’s daughter. The daughter insists that his familiar is in fact the dragon that hatched from the egg that her father. Narl tries several times to convince her to release his familiar, but she is insistent to the point that she is throwing a tantrum and the psuedo-dragon is threating to bite her. Finally her father arrives and after having several offers to buy the “pet” spurned he asks Narl if he can do anything to help. Narl casts a spell that creates a small silver dragon that flies around the hold before flying out the door and into the morning. The little girl follows the dragon to the rail while she watches it disappear from sight. Her father comes topside and comforts his daughter.

The next afternoon the captain awakes Henry and tells him that there is a ship approaching. Henry, looking through a spyglass, sees a ship on the horizon. For several hours we watch it slowly get closer. Unlike our vessel that is powered by sails, this ship seems to only have a pair of wheels on either side moving it. Finally Henry can see that they are flying not just the Sembian flag, but specifically the flag of The Ravens – Sembian boarder guards. As they get near we can see the sailors on the deck arrange themselves in formation holding crossbows at the ready. A man in full armor comes down from the aftcastle and takes position behind the line of men.

A man in heavy armor hails our vessel from the mid-deck and demands that heel over and prepare to be inspected. Our captain complies because the vessel is flying the flag of the Ravens, which is Sembia’s policing force. The man in armor flies over from his ship to ours. He names himself as a Raven and tells us to prepare to be inspected. Henry steps forward and names himself as Galileo of Waterdeep, a factor hired by house <Juliann’s house name> to escort his son-in-law to Sembia to acquire rare spices. He has hired some stout looking travel companions to protect the young man on his trading mission.

Raven believes the story and moves on to question the other merchant travelling on board the vessel. Unfortunately he spots Angharad and recognizes her as a knight of Torm. He questions her demanding to know the truth of her travel. She feels the weight of her god upon her as she explains that they have traveled from Suzail to find out what happened to some to several scouts that were in Sembia looking for something. Raven looks accusingly at Henry and announces that he will cast a spell that will tell him the truth of things.

He begins casting a spell and Narl rushes over and grapples with him. Narl insists that Raven was casting an attack spell, while Raven says that he was only casting a detect magic. Eventually we get the misunderstanding worked out and Raven casts his detect magic. He is nearly blinded by the sheer amount of magic that we are wearing. When he regains his composure he denies us entry into Sembian waters and insist that we turn our vessel around and return to Cormyr. He invites the other merchant to transfer his cargo to his vessel and he will take him to Saerloon. Narl helps the merchant transfer his orchid seeds, while Henry taunts the Raven by jumping aboard his ship and walking around. Eventually the Raven manhandles Henry back to his own ship and when the merchant and his daughter safely board his vessel he turns to us and insists again

We protest his high-handed attitude, but get nowhere. Instead he flies back to his ship and insists again that we turn back and he will make sure that leave Sembian waters. As his ship pulls away he has his sailors bring up the ship’s ballista, load it, and aim it towards our ship. Believing that he intends to attack Lady Nadia summons forth a water elemental and Narl uses his wand to cast web upon their decks. Orcslayer and Henry each fire arrows at the sailors on the Sembian vessel, killing three of them. Lady Nadia summons up a godly mace to battle the Raven, while Narl casts sleep upon the sailors stopping them from clearing the web. Angharad is heavily conflicted about this battle, but goes downstairs to don her armor and prepare to at least defend this merchant ship.

Boarders Away!

The Raven vessel continues to tack away from us while the crew try to free the decks from the web. To stop the vessel Lady Nadia casts water-walking upon everyone, except Angharad who is below decks. We each jump over the side and chase down the fleeing vessel. Orcslayer is the first up the side and the decks are now awash in blood as he clears the area of sailors. Narl, Henry, and Lady Nadia each gain the deck in the space cleared by Orcslayer. The Raven rose above the ship just as the aft deck house door opens up and someone inside casts a fireball at the group. Before we can re-group the Raven swoops down, grasping the alchemical ballista bolt and hurling it at us, which also explodes in a ball of fire.  Rather than wait for another attack, Henry and Narl charge into the aft deck house and confront the wizard taking cover in there. Lady Nadia and Orcslayer try to finish off the rest sailors while keeping the Raven from effectively attacking again.

After a quick exchange of blows, Henry convinces the wizard to surrender rather than die. While Narl takes care of tying the wizard up, Henry goes below decks to see what is down there. Meanwhile topside the Raven flies towards our merchant vessel, leaving his men to our mercy. Lady Nadia and Orcslayer command the surviving sailors to surrender to be killed. The surrendered sailors gather on the deck in a group. Henry is walking below decks. He talks to the merchant and his daughter; although they refuse to join his jaunty band. He finds a cook, convinces him that he is the new captain, and approves the serving of duck for dinner. Finally in back of the lower hold he finds a large arcane engine; although it appears broke.

Angharad comes up on deck to find that the Sembian ship has pulled away and appears to now be in fire. The merchant captain tells her that her companions walked over the water to that other vessel and were probably now attacking it. She walks to the edge of the ship and using the captain’s spyglass sees the Raven flying quickly towards their ship. They exchange a series of accusations and commentary, but the Raven continues to fly on. He asked for permission to board the merchant vessel, but Angharad refused unless he allowed them to enter Sembian waters peacefully. The Raven flies on vowing that each of us would hang as pirates when we were caught.

On board the Sembian vessel we try our best to repair the arcane engine, but even with Lady Nadia’s magic it is no use. We interrogate the wizard, but he tells us that he broke the engine and that it cannot be fixed upon another ship arrives. He refuses to talk about it more, considering its operation a secret of his kingdom. When choose not to interrogate him further and return to our own ship. We offer to return the merchant and his daughter to our ship, but they decide to stay with the Sembians. We make ready to sail towards the coast at our best speed.

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