A life on the sea is a life for me

We board the good ship Northern View and leave the port town Marcember sailing towards Saerloon. A merchant, James Powell, and his daughter are also on-board. The daughter spends her time talking up everyone about the dragon egg that her father got for her. It appears to be a simple polished rock, but it is warm to the touch. On day 3 the captain begins to tack farther out to sea as the wind has slacked off.

That night Henry and Lady Nadia are awakened by the sounds of feet running across the deck. Henry goes up the stair to investigate, finding the ship under attack by small reptilian creatures. He shouts “To arms! We are under attack!” while beating on the cabin doors. In short order we charge out of the cabins into battle. Driven on by Henry’s battle song, Orcslayer practically swings his way up the ladder to the top deck and into the fray of battle. As he kills the creatures around him, Nadia climbs up the ladder armed with mace and shield to assist him. Angharad and Narl work to steady the horses.

A dark and evil looking woman crawls unto the deck and screams a horrible cry striking fear into the hearts of the surviving sailors. Angharad and Nadia charge the creature before it can kill any of the fearful sailors, while Orcslayer continues to slay the other attackers. Henry is nearly thrown from the ladder, while trying to get up and only stops falling by grabbing unto the upper deck with his hands and barely is able to pull himself through the opening. Finally Henry reaches the battle just as Orcslayer charges the sea hag and kills her. Narl climbs up the ladder and sees several of the sahuagin jump over the side, when he looks over the railing he sees them in the water attacking the bottom of the boat. He summons several celestial porpoises to do battle with them, which kills most of them and drives the others off.

Angharad finds a elf and young maiden with green hair and holds them at bay with her sword. She recognizes the elf as one of her aquatic kin, but she knows that no such creature was on the ship before the attack. The aquatic elf flourishes his sword in a salute towards Angharad, names himself as Litherian, and surrenders himself to her. He says that he had come upon this young nerid being attacked by the sahuagin and came to her rescue. When the ship came along he saw an opportunity to save her and boarded the ship hoping for safety; however the creatures followed and continued the attack.

Lady Nadia helps the nerid, but we are not sure to trust them so we lock them in one of the cabins for the night. With almost half of the sailors dead Angharad and Orcslayer stand watch over the night in case the return. The next morning Henry wakes early and talks with the captain. Given the potential for damage to the hull he offers to have Orcslayer sent under the ship to investigate.

While Orcslayer is investigating the keel, Lady Nadia and Narl are interrogating the elf and nerid. Lady Nadia casts a Tongues spell upon the nerid so that she can understand them. The sahaugin had stolen her shawl, which is very precious to her and so she snuck into their city and retrieved it. The sahaugin followed her and would have killed her if the elf had not intervened and saved her life. She does not know who the elf is and does not fully trust him, but she is thankful to both him and the people of this ship for saving her life. However, she is having troubles breathing and would really like to return to the water. Lady Nadia and Narl continue to interrogate the pair for another 30 minutes before determining they posed no threat, nor wanted their help. They released Litherian and then the nerid back into the water.

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