A hard fought battle that leaves us victorious, but some morally conflicted.

Orcslayer and Narl are below decks of the Sembian ship searching for any maps and loot, while Lady Nadia is watching over the prisoners above decks. Henry is standing on the fore-deck looking over the ocean when he spots a shirtless man running free on the Sembian vessel. He calls over to Lady Nadia that one of her prisoners have gotten free. Unfortunately for us he is not a prisoner as he charges Nadia and strikes her with a fist.

Lady Nadia tries to yell out, but is trapped in some sort of silence spell as nothing is heard. She then strikes at him with her blade, but he shrugs off the damage. Henry, seeing Nadia engaged and another man appearing on deck, fires an arrow at the new intruder striking him solidly. Angharad jumps over to the Sembian vessel crashing into the man fighting Nadia, pushing him over the side of the deck. Henry fires another arrow at the second attacker has he and Angharad clash blades.

Narl comes up to the mid-deck only to have one of the attackers rush by him striking him with a short blad while the black-clad attacker runs deeper into the hold. A woman clad in long robes appears on the aft castle and casts five magic darts at Angharad. Henry, now glamored in a jaunty pirate’s outfit, swings over the sides of the ships and lands in front of the sorceress with rapier in hand demanding that she surrenders. Lady Nadia steps forward and activates her helm which cloaks his sword in flames. Orcslayer steps past one of the attackers striking a glancing blow.

The man that Angharad knocked over the side climbs back on board the ship only to have Lady Nadia swing her flaming sword at him and knock him back over the side. The sorceress fires five more magic missiles at Angharad while Henry tries to keep up the pressure by striking her deep with his rapier. Angharad tries again to force her way up the stairs, but man holding the stairs pushes her back again. The man tries cast some type of spell at Angharad, but it fails.

Narl steps halfway up deck so that he can see the sorceress enough to unleash his own magic missiles, but it disappears as the missiles strike a shield that surrounds her. She turns her wand on Henry and strikes him with several missiles while she continues to back away. Seeing Narl bleeding heavily Nadia steps forward and heals some of his wounds. Henry keeps up the pressure on the sorceress by swinging wide around her, but fails to get a good chance to attack her. Below decks the attacker fighting with Orcslayer tries to escape above decks, but Orcslayer screams in rage and strikes him an grievous blow. Angharad continues to ineffectively fool around with her attacker as he disengages and tries to help the sorceress.

Narl come up the stairs and slashes at the sorceress. She tries to respond with a Lightning Bolt, but fails to cast it successfully. Henry follows her by tumbling adroitly, but again fails to connect with a telling blow. The Sembian monk finally climbs up the other side only to come face to face with a raging Orcslayer who attacks him and causes him to fall overboard again. Angharad follows her opponent up to the aft castle but ends up confronting the man who escaped from Orcslayer earlier, she runs right over him knocking him to the deck. Lady Nadia casts a minor heal upon herself.

Narl is blocked from attacking the sorceress by the cleric who manages to deflect his blows easily. The cleric attacks in return nearly dealing Narl a deathblow who is forces to fallback. The sword wielding Sembian rolls to his feet and tumbles down to the main deck only to come face to face with Orcslayer. Orcslayer screams and cuts him into small pieces. The sorceress, seeing her companion killed casts a lightning bolt that strikes both Angharad and Orcslayer.

The cleric moves forward and strikes Narl with the flat of his blade, bringing him down. Angharad wants to turn and help Narl, but instead moves to support Henry who is fighting the sorceress to no effect. She sees that Lady Nadia has finally climbed unto the deck and can help protect Narl and drive back the Sembian cleric.

The cleric, seeing Narl still laying down closes with Lady Nadia and still using the flat of his blade fails to connect through her armor. Narl crawls to safety while digging in his pack for his healing wand. The sorceress, trapped between Henry and Angharad, draws a scroll and disappears. The monk strikes Orcslayer several times, staggering him, but Nadia comes over and kills the monk with her flaming blade. Orcslayer reaches into his pouch and draws a healing potion saving himself from falling. Henry runs behind the cleric and drives his rapier through a chink in his armor. Angharad moves to help him, striking the cleric with the flat of her hammer.

The cleric, finding himself surrounded, throws himself over the edge into the water and sinks. Lady Nadia manages to save the monk’s life by binding his wounds while Angharad, Henry, Orcslayer return to their merchant vessel. Narl stays behind to tie up the remaining sailors and surviving attackers. When Narl boards the merchant vessel the captain casts off, puts his full sail to the wind and makes directly for the Sembian shoreline. He calls Henry into his quarters and shows him where we will be disembarking his ship. The captain knows that he cannot force the issue, but is hoping that we just go away.

There are two letters in the bag. The first informs us that they want to know our progress. The second says that they heard rumors that Sembia is claiming to have captured spies in a small fishing village called Hegwish and that we should proceed at haste as we should be near there. Angharad and Orcslayer both write letters concerning what happened at sea and put them into the bag.

The captain reaches the closest point to the shore line and we disembark. Once upon the shore we head inland looking for a good place to camp for the night. However, after only a few minutes we reach a shoreline again. After a brief trek east we discover that we are actually on a small island. A brief discussion and we decide to leave the island and make for the main shoreline. Once on the shoreline we drag ourselves inland and find a place to camp for the night. The night mostly passes uneventfully and when day breaks we decide to travel to the fishing village of Hegwish to see who has been caught.

This was not the entrance that we wanted into Sembia, but it is the one that we were given. We are more than simply agents working for a foreign government, we have all but declared war between the lawful forces of Sembia and ourselves. Some of the group remain deeply conflicted and we find ourselves divided just when we are starting.

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