We drag ourselves out of the mountains

Winter 1372

Beedler finally yields as he finds himself surrounded. We gather Beedler and his surviving friend together and tie them up. Faerlie, still in her eagle form, flies around in circles and spots several people using the cover of the trees to move towards us. Kethra moves up the opposite side of the cut while the rest of us move back into the forest. Faerlie is able make us understand that there are more barbarians moving in. Feldspar casts fly and follows Faerlie as they both move towards Kethra to engage this new group. Caden, Victoria, and Mathis are moving back the way we came.

Kethra, who looks like Beedler thanks to an Alter Self spell, is spotted by Faerlie as she circles around. She screams and attacks, Feldspar hears her and attacks “Beedler” as well. Thankfully they fail to do much damage before they finally understand that “Beedler” is actually Kethra. She tells them that she is going to move south down the ridge and meet up with us where we were originally ambushed. Faerlie takes to the air again and follows Kethra from above the trees, while Feldspar meets up with the rest of us moving through the woods.

We all meet back up at the ambush point. Kethra tells us that there are at least eight other people moving through the forest. We decide to take a different path back to the Finestone manor, with Mathis paralleling the group to watch for ambush. Faerlie, who is flying overhead, notices a small raven that has been following us. She dives on the bird doing quite a bit amount of damage and chasing it away before finally turning back towards us.

Victoria notices that Beedler is seeming a bit more confident and so they call Mathis back to warn him to be extra vigilant. In additional to paralleling the main group he moves farther ahead to catch any potential ambush. Unfortunately none of us manage to spot the ambush before the arrows are flying around us. ┬áThose guarding the prisoners prepare themselves daring the ambushes to attack them. Victoria inspires us to fight bravely and Mathis does just that – attacking the largest barbarian, who closes and strikes him hard with a pair of axes. Faerlie lands, changes back into elf and summons three wolves. The wolves charge the barbarians, bringing one of them down. Beedler runs away, the Paladin wounds him but does not manage to bring him down before it makes it deeper into the woods.

Mathis is surrounded by the barbarians and while he tries to return to the center of the group he is hacked down. With nothing else between then the ambushers close with the center group, urged on by a woman’s voice from somewhere in the woods. Faerlie turns into a boar and charges towards the barbarians surrounding the center group. Seeing her comrades in trouble, Victoria summons up mirror images of herself and moves into combat. Kethra finally returns firing arrows at a barbarian still at the edges of combat. A young woman steps from behind a tree and heals Beedler and they both turn and walk away.

Caden notices that Mathis has fallen and slowly begins a fighting withdrawal to where he was last seen. Feldspar continues to call upon the healing power of his god to hold off the tremendous damage that they barbarians are doing to him. Kethra and Faerlie manage to take down a barbarian they had managed to trap between them. Victoria moves towards Mathis and begins to work on saving his life. Faerlie sees that Victoria is having difficulty so she moves towards him. The barbarians manage to finally hack Feldspar down as they turn their attention to Caden.

Victoria stands up, opens a scroll and casts Reduce Person mass spell that shrinks four of the barbarians to half their size. Caden calls upon the power of his Tyr to fill his blade with holy power and smite the barbarian leader Tuloc. Beedler returns and fires a pair of arrows at Kethra while taunting him. Tuloc returns the favor and in a furry of activity drops Caden.

The woman returns and yells, “Withdraw we have what we came for, Tuloc kill the woman!”

The barbarians begin to retreat as Tuloc meets Kethra’s gaze – Kethra promptly turns and runs as fast as she can. Mathis staggers to his feet and sticks his spear deep into a barbarian’s guts. Faerlie moves over to Feldspar and heals some of his wounds. The woman, barbarians, and Beedler retreat to the west. Victoria manages to finally kill the barbarian that was attacking her. Mathis moves over and tries to heal him, but he has never seen an Aasimar before and so he has no idea how to help. Eventually Faerlie comes to his help and keeps him from dying. Mathis kills any surviving barbarians left on the field of battle before he builds two litters to carry Caden and Feldspar.

Kethra runs ahead and fetches help from the Finestone manor. Carmack comes with a wagon to help carry everyone back to the manor. After Victoria regals Lady Finestone with the tale of our attempts to bring back Beedle for trial she informs us of more troubling news. A letter was found nailed to the manor door with an ice nail. The letter says that they have Olaf the Tanner up at Dugger’s Ridge and will sacrifice him upon the alter of Auril.

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