Glacier of Desperation

Winter 1372

With a fatalistic heart we descend into the valley at a trot. Faerlie takes a quick look behind us before changing back into her elven form and joining us. Rogatha is casting a spell over the alter while Tulock stands nearby guarding her. Between us and the alter are several barbarians with bows. Around 400 feet we fire a volley of arrows at Rogatha. At that point the barbarians return fire, striking Feldspar. We step forward and fire another volley. At this point Rogatha stops throwing water on Olaf and gives orders to Tulock to deal with us.

Tulock screams his battle cry and charges us. The archers change targets and fire a volley into Tulock. Faerlie summons forth a small fire elemental that slams into Tulock, who ignores the attack and charges Caden. Feldspar, Caden, and Victoria surround Tulock and attack him. Faerlie summons up a Flaming Sphere drops it on top of Tulock. Without any clear directions the militia begins to waver and only a few arrows arc out towards the barbarians. Beedler stands up from his hide and fires an arrow at Kethra, who charges towards him.

Tulock goes berserk and swings his axes striking Caden, who falls down bleeding heavily. Faerlie turns herself into a wolf. Mathis commands the line to direct its fire at Rogatha. Feldspar reaches down and heals Caden, who also lays hands upon himself as he scoots away. The fire elemental and Victoria both swing at Tulock to no effect.

Tulock steps towards Feldspar and deals him a mightly blow. Faerlie charges towards Rogatha with Mathis and the rest of the militia moving behind her continuing to launch arrows. Caden stands up, dodging a blow from Tulock, and stabs him – drawing his attention. Kethra finally reaches Beedler, but she manages to miss with her scorching ray.

Tulock attacks often, but misses both Victoria and Caden, who continue to slash and stab him. Mathis and the militia move forward, continuing to fire arrows at Rogatha. Faerlie growls in her wolf form and charges at Rogatha, who commands her barbarians to surround her and attack. Faerlie takes some damage, but is still standing. Kethra tries to cast a spell, but fails because Beedler is right in her face. She calls for help, but almost nobody manages to hear her.

Caden, low on health and with Feldspar running out of healing spells, manages to slip his sword past Tulock’s defenses striking deep into his belly killing him. He then takes his sword strikes Tulock’s head from his shoulders. Faerlie manages to trip Rogatha, but does very little harm to her. Victoria, seeing Kethra fall under Beedler’s axe, moves towards him – taunting him into attacking her. Rogatha stands up and presses the attack against Faerlie, who in combination with her bodyguards manages to knock her unconscious. Mathis commands the militia to draw weapons and charge Rogatha, but only a bit over half follow him towards Rogatha – the rest waver doing nothing.

Kethra staggers to her feet, while Feldspar helps her with a healing spell. Rogatha orders her bodyguards to remove Olaf from the sacrificial alter and put Faerlie on it. The militia that was initially wavering turn to attack Beedler. Beedlers finds himself surrounded by Victoria, half of the militia, Feldspar, and Kethra. Fearing for his life he flees from the battle, taking a few parting shots – which is enough to drop him from wounds. Caden charges towards Rogatha, catching up with Mathis and the militia following him.

Mathis moves towards the alter and strikes Rogatha with a thrown javelin while Caden reaches the alter. Victoria manages to convince the rest of the militia to follow her as she charges towards the alter. One of the body guards moves to attack Mathis, hitting him with a fierce blow. Feldspar flies towards the alter to help Faerlie.

Mathis attacks the barbarian with a flurry of attacks – missing often. Feldspar lands on the alter, casting a small healing spell on Faerlie – it is not enough to bring her awake, but at least she is no longer dying. The barbarian again hits Mathis, causing him to bleed heavily. Rogatha retreats to a stand of rods stuck into the ground and calls out,

“Its hear, your doom is upon you at last!” As a Remorhaz bursts from the ice.

Caden charges Rogatha, but misses her as she cackles in his face. Mathis grapples with his opponent, striking him squarely in the face. The militia still with Kethra fire arrows at the Remorhaz, who ignores them and charges towards the alter. Once at the alter he bites, nearly killing him. Feldspar heals himself enough to keep himself on his feet, but the beast looks hungry.

Kethra, and her militia, launch a flight of arrows at the Remorhaz. Victoria hits the fell beast with a ray of enfeeblement. The beast moves towards Mathis and before it can attack him, Mathis releases the barbarian who gets eaten instead. Rogatha steps away from Caden and casts a spell, while Caden hits her it is not enough bring her down. Mathis picks up his longspear to attack the creature, but it has iced over enough that is slips out of his hands. Feldspar retrieves his crossbow and hits the beast solidly.

Victoria hits the beast with another ray, bringing the beast’s tremendous strength down to the range of us mortals. Mathis strikes the beast with his hand causing a small amount of damage. Kethra, cajoling the militia with her, moves forward towards the beast so that their arrows can have more effect. The Remorhaz rears up to strike Mathis, but misses him and slams his head into the ground knocking itself over.

Victoria moves forward and sticks the beast with rapier before it can regain its feet. Her rapier melts down to the hilt, which causes Mathis to pause from striking it while it rises. Caden closes the distance and exchanges blows with Rogatha, neither of them receiving a mortal wound. Mathis backs up, taunting the creature, and draws his Tormite greatsword. The militia continues to close.

Feldspar tries to hit the beast with a bolt, but it burns up hitting its skin before it has a chance to damage it. Mathis readies his greatsword and charges the beast, driving his blade deep into its body. The sword burns up as Mathis backs away. The Remorhaz reaches down and bites Mathis, grabbing him and trying to swallow him. Caden and Rogatha continue their battle with neither one of them gaining an advantage. Victoria steps away and draws her bow after losing her rapier.

Caden finally gains the upper hand and beheads her. Kethra, using Beedler’s bow and magic stone, tries to hit the Remorhaz, but sends her arrow far to the right. Mathis manages to break free of the beast’s mouth and drops to the ground – the beast tries to grab Mathis, but fails. Feldspar grabs up his weapon and moves to attack the beast. The militia let loose another volley, which finally slays the beast. Feldspar manages to get trapped under the dead beast as it falls over, but with Mathis’ help he gets free.

We burn the alter, along with any Aurilite symbols that we find. There is a small amount of coins, including 30 newly minted small trade bars with the Mirabar’s strike.

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