Arise warriors of battles long past

Winter 1372

After being betrayed by his companions, Brand was glad to see them leave the Finestone manor to find a resting place for Greyfoot. He gathered up his belongings and went to speak with Lady Finestone one last time. Although he tried to hide his disgust it did not take her too long uncover the reason he was leaving. She asked him to stay as she was also quite angry with Faerlie as she had come to rely on his input regarding matters and enjoyed talking about things happening in Waterdeep. However he could never trust them again, so it was best just to leave and return to Waterdeep. Seeing that he could not be convinced she wrote him several letters of recommendation that would allow him to stay comfortably for the winter with any of the nobility in Mirabar.  She also asked him to not betray her trust in him by mentioning any of the problems with Auril to anyone he meets. Finally she asked if he would confidentiality carry messages for several people she knows in Waterdeep, which he agreed to do. With that, and the gift of a fine horse, Brand left the Finestone manor.

The rest of the companions traveled south with Greyfoot’s body until they found a suitable glade in the forest.  In the center of his holy ground they build a cairn for Greyfoot. While Faerlie is saying a few words over the pile of stones they discover that someone else had been here recently and tried to cover up their tracks. It was a quick job, but enough that they could not follow them. Instead everyone agreed to return to the manor and pick up the trail of the winter wolves. Given the time that had passed it was not too long before that trail was lost as well. With no solid direction they simply kept moving in the same direction as the wolves given that animals have little reason to veer much from their path.

They reached the location where they encountered the original zombie bell ringer and he was still standing there. Faerlie turned into an eagle and tried to snatch up the bell from his hand, but his grip was too strong. Seeing he in trouble, Feldspar stepped forward and with divine power turned the zombie into dust. Fearing that they would never find anything Faerlie kept her eagle shape and began flying south looking for anything that would help them. Eventually she leads them to a large stone alter in the center of a stand of several dead trees. Near the alter, but facing away from it is a single bell ringer.

As everyone approached skeletons burst out of the snow and attacked. Caden managed to turn most of them, but a large skeletal owlbear resisted the power of Tyr. The owlbear attacks Feldspar, while everyone else moves in to attack. They eventually destroy the owlbear, but no before both Caden and Feldspar are severely wounded. Kethra forces an unconscious Feldspar to drink a healing potion while Faerlie manages to finish off the owlbear with her flame blade. Feldspar then channeled the divine through himself to heal Caden’s wounds. Injured and tired everyone decides to leave the stone alter and return to the manor house to rest and recover. On the way home they are ambushed by more skeletons. Feldspar manages to turn them to dust in the face of his goddess’ might.

However, that was enough time that more skeletons rose from the snow, including another owlbear. The group closes with the owlbear and fights with both blade and spell. The injuries begin to mount, but the skeleton is no match and eventually falls. Still it is a never-ending battle as more skeletons rise from the snow – each group more numerous than the last. Kethra runs over to the alter and tries to decipher the runes that have been carved on the upper surface.

The alter is a shrine to Auril and gives Kethra enough information to understand at least the basics of this shrine. With that knowledge every approaches the shrine from the south. They awaken the bell ringer, whose ringing summons forth another group of undead. Already exhausted from the previous battles, the party still manages to defeat this group. After resting for a few minutes they awaken the last bell ringer. This group of undead is the smallest yet and they manage to defeat it quickly as the skeletons cannot stand before Feldspar and Faerlie’s summoned thoqua.

When no more undead rise from the snow and all of the bell ringers have been awakened, everyone gathers up their gear and makes their way back to the Finestone manor.

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