Ambush, Run, Ambush, Run

Winter 1372

The dinner ends, Carmack posts his guards, and we all retire for the night. The next morning a lovely young elven-blooded woman arrives at the gate of Nal Mirar and announces that she is Lady Victoria Siversoul and is looking for Lady Finestone. She gets directions to a large walled manor house a couple of leagues east. As breakfast at the Finestone manor is just finishing Victoria arrives outside the gate and announces herself. She is met outside of the gate and is escorted in by Carmack, who stumbles a bit but manages to announce her arrival.

Victoria brings a letter from Lady Finestone’s father, which she presents to her. Lady Finestone thanks her and has a servant show her to a room so that she may freshen up. Lady Finestone implores the rest of us to track down Beedler and bring him back alive for judgement. As we prepare to leave, Lady Finestone meets with Victoria thank her personally. During the conversation she mentions that Auril has been actively working to overthrow her family’s hold on this land. At this point Victoria offers her hand and blade to fight off an evil god. Lady Finestone tries to point out that its Auril’s followers and not the goddess herself that seeks her downfall, but Victoria is already planning the adventure.

We leave the Finestone manor for Nal Marar to find where Beedler went over the palisade. For the first thirty minutes we make good time; however, after than he has made serious efforts to hide his tracks – including taking to the trees. His path leads steadily into deeper snow as he moves up into the mountains. Mathis believes that the tracks were left on purpose, but to what end is unknown. It is made known when dozens of arrows come flying out of the trees striking Mathis nearly killing him.

Everyone scatters for cover to access the situation as there are archers on both sides. Faerlie drags Mathis towards Cadan and Feldspar who between them manage to heal him enough to get him on his feet. Half of us move to the east and half move to the west – trying to close with the archers. As we close with the ambushers, they drop into a small gully behind them and run away. Everyone is scattered as they chase the fleeing archers. Several times one or more of us has few arrows fired at us, but because of the tree cover and gullies we cannot close into combat with them. Like ghosts they fade into the tree cover each time we get close to them.

Mathis realizes that they are never going to catch the ambushers so he turns around and goes back to the trail, followed by Feldspar and Victoria. Eventually we all meet back up at the spot where we were originally ambushed. After much discussion it is decided that we will follow the second group of ambushers using a nearby ridge to defend ourselves from ambushes. We follow the trail, losing the trail several times before we cross over a ridge that conceals a steep cut in the mountain.

As we make our way down the cut we again come under attack from ambushers hidden behind some built up ice and snow. With no cover we move to close as quick as possible before they flee again. Feldspar summons up celestial dogs which attack the barbarians, while Farlie casts entanglement which binds the barbarians and dogs. One of the barbarians manages to break free and runs; although Kethra closes enough to strike him with a scorching ray. The other barbarian hacks away at the dogs and entanglement until he finally breaks free. Faerlie wild shapes into an eagle and takes to the air, clawing at the retreating barbarian.

Between Faerlie, Kethra, and Feldspar’s celestial dogs they manage to run the retreating barbarian to ground. Kethra eventually closes with him and recognizes that he is Beedler. In a commanding voice Kethra calls for Beedler to surrender.

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