Ack! The priest of Auril appears

Winter 1372

Faerlie plunges her flame blade into the serpent’s body causing it to drop Kethra. It hisses at Faerlie and attempts constrict around her, but only manages to bash her aside. Caden slashes at the serpent, but its ice body appears to be reforming faster than he can cut it. Kethra grabs up Feldspar and half carries/half drags him toward the front gate. She tries to rally her companions to attack the casters by the front gate who are controlling the ice serpent. Caden follows Kethra towards the gate, but heals Kethra before he leaves. Lady Finestone finishes packing and Brand begins leading her downstairs to the security of their basement.

The serpent slithers out the front gate and flees into the forst. Appearing at the front of the gate a large razorback charges towards Cayden, but is repelled by the protection of Tyr that cloaks Cayden. Cayden lays his hands upon Kethra and calls down the protection of Tyr for her. Faerlie and Greyfoot move to attack the boar. As they pass through the great room Brand commands on of the guards to follow them into the basement for the protection of Lady Finestone.

Outside in the snow Caden continues to advance towards what he can now clearly see is a large half-orc. Two large skeletons, who had been guarding the half-orc, charge Caden, but are forced to flee after he turns the full force of Tyr upon them. Faerlie and Greyfoot try to bring down the boar, but it snarls and fights back, but the creature finally succumbs to its wounds. Kethra finds a small healing potion in Feldspar’s backpack and pours it down his throat. Brand gets Lady Finestone, her helper, and one of her guards locked into the basement while he returns to the Great Room to command its defense.

The half-orc cleric summons forth an icy axe as Caden moves to fight the half-orc in single combat. Both combatants trade blows with the cleric of Auril coming out ahead. Feldspar wakes up and calls down the healing power of Selune to heal his wounds while he flies towards the gate, with Kethra hanging on to his legs. Zombies come out the woods to attack Caden. Inside the Great Room Brand orders the other guard to investigate why a cold wind is blowing from the dining hall.

Faerlie summons a dire wolf that charges at one of the zombies and brings it down. Cayden backs up and turns the power of Tyr upon the remaining zombie, causing it to flee in the direction of the dire wolf who rips it apart. The Aurilite cleric steps forward and strikes down Caden, who falls into the snow unconscious. Feldspar and Kethra fly through the gate and near the combat. Brand looks out the arrow loop and cannot see anything through the snow.

The Aurilite dispels the dire wolf, but Faerlie responds by summoning up two wolverines. Feldspar reaches Caden and heals his wounds as Kethra climbs off of his back. Greyfoot charges the cleric, but cannot sink his teeth into him. The guard has not returned from the dining room, so after quickly examining the defenses Brand heads towards the dining room – where he finds the back room open.

Again the Aurilite cleric turns the attention of his goddess upon the wolverines and dismisses the wolverines. Faerlie tries to moves closer, but slips on a patch of ice and falls in the snow; however she manages to maintain her concentration enough to summons forth of wolverine. The wolverine charges the cleric, but fails to hit him. Brand kisses his coin to Tymora and charges out the door into the snow – his last words to the guard is to close and barricade the door behind him. Caden staggers to his feet and uses the power of Tyr to heal his wounds. Kethra moves around the outside of the battle, but comes under attack by the half-orcs spiritual ice axe.  Feldspar summons forth a moonblade and moves to flank the cleric. Kethra touches the cleric with spell, but he resists its effect.

A wolf runs out of the forest and attacks Faerlie, but she manages to fight it off. While the Aurilite is still prone Caden stabs him and Feldspar thrusts his moonblade into his body, disrupting his magical effect. The ice ax bites deep into Kethra causing her a grievous wound. The half-orc calls upon Auril and manages to summon enough will to overcome the moonblade to heal many of his wounds. Faerlie uses her flame blade to keep the wolf at bay and calls over Greyfoot to defend her. Brand continues to fight his way through the snow to reach the battle, but steps on an ice patch and falls down.

Faerlie staggers to her feet, but the wolf bites her and drags her to the ground again.  Brand gets up and keeps moving towards the gate and he sees Faerlie in combat with the wolf. The cleric screams to his god and bounds to his feet frothing at the mouth, a rain of blows hammer at him until he falls into the snow in a bloody heap.

Throwing caution to the wind Brand runs towards the wolf killing it with a single blow. He offers a hand up to Faerlie and asks her how the battle is going. The battle is finished as everyone blades continue to turn his body into a bloody mess before Caden strikes his head from his body.

We loot his body, smashing a silver crystal holy symbol of Auril. The most unusual item is a enchanted shield with eye in the shield boss that constantly shifts to watch the person in front of it. We return to the manor house and give Lady Finestone a report of who we defeated and try our best to warm up the house, recover from our wounds, and still manage to stand watch for the night.

While the rest of us work to repair the front door, Kethra takes the shield outside and argues with it. Eventually she hears the sound of a bell in the distance. She follows the sound and comes upon a cloaked figure flanked by two large winter wolves. The figure hisses out that she is willing to talk if Kethra is willing to listen. Kethra approaches the woman, who appears to be at least half-elven. Kethra wants to know why she is being attacked, the woman says that Kethra did not abide by the will of Auril. She says that Kethra can redeem herself by bringing the elven girl’s wolf to twin stone pass to be sacrificed. Kethra hands over the shield and returns to the manor house.

Caden and Kethra go into town to see if it was attacked during the night. Thankfully the town as not threatened; however one of the houses collapsed under the weight of the snowfall. While sitting in the town’s pub, Kethra notices a man in a corner doing something familiar. She goes over and discovers that he is a follower of Auril and he finds out that she is as well. Eventually the both agree to keep each others secret for fear of someone finding out about their secret.

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