A fallen ally and tensions rise

Winter 1372

Caden and Kethra decide to visit Beedler and get the full story from him. A middle-aged woman answers the door and says that he is either down at the pub or our hunting with Genther. They go over to Genther’s house, who is the town’s tanner, and get the door shut in their face by a young girl. Eventually the girl’s mother answers the door and invites them inside. During the course of the conversation she begins to worry that Caden is leading a witch hunt against anyone that even puts out an offering to the winter goddess.

Finding nothing of value Caden returns to his room and Kethra goes to the inn where she used to cook. Once inside she slips out the back and works her way back to Beedler’s house. She finds his tracks in the snow and follow them to the village palisade. Rather than following them outside she returns to the tavern where they have a room. She talks to the locals for a few hours filling them in on what happened at the Finestone manor during the night. She squelches a few of the more unusual rumors, but for the most part listens more than talks before she finally turns in for the night.

During that same day at the Finestone manor Feldspar goes out to the battlefield and looks for signs and portents. The bodies are still laying in the snow frozen where we left them the night before.   Faerlie is near the woods training Greyfoot when she spots Feldspar digging in the snow. She goes over to see if she can help Feldspar. Even with the two of them they find nothing of value even after spending several hours. Brand has been leading a team of workmen to repair the front gate. His team is well lead and enthusiastic, but without any real skill the gate would not stop anybody.  Eventually Brand grabs one of the workmen and sends him into town to fetch the woodsmith to help repair the gate. Brand expertly negotiates a small reduction in his next year’s taxes for his work.

With nothing to show for his work Feldspar goes back inside to speak with Lady Finestone. He is trying to find out why Auril is so interested in removing the Finestone family from this land. They have expended a great deal of effort and it must be for a reason. She knows of no reason, but allows him access to the family archives to see if he can find anything. Not being the scholarly type he gives in after a few minutes and goes outside to help those working on the gate. He tries again to read through the genealogy, before giving up and going outside to pray. While outside he sees a couple of large white wolves and a human watching them from the southern woods.

As night descends upon the manor house we lock and bar everything and prepare for the evening watches. Most of us have taken up position inside the great room with Lady Finestone in the library before she retires to her room for the evening. Outside Faerlie is trying to ease Greyfoot’s nerves as the wolves howl through the night. She curls up next to Greyfoot and begins to fall asleep. Suddenly she and Greyfoot are awoken by an extremely cold burst of wind that nearly rips the flesh off her skin. She wakes up to find two very large winter wolves circling around Greyfoot. She gets up and summons up a dire wolf to assist Greyfoot in the battle as Greyfoot gets pulled down by one of the winter wolves. The wind is so loud that nobody inside the manor house can hear the sound of battle.

Finally the guard on watch hears the battle and awakens Brand. Brand leaps to his feet and shouts, “To Arms there is battle outside!” while grabbing up his own weapon. Outside Greyfoot is being torn open by the winter wolves, but he is tearing deep into their flesh with the help of the summoned wolf. Faerlie summons forth a flame blade, but before she can join the battle Greyfoot goes down. The winter wolves on upon Greyfoot and attempt to drag him away, but before they can do that one of them is killed by the dire wolf. The other grabs up Greyfoot and runs towards the gate. Faerlie and her dire wolf manage to catch the winter wolf before he reaches the gate and with the help of Feldspar’s searing light spell brings the winter wolf, but Greyfoot has already expired.

Faerlie screams hysterically as she pumps a healing spell into Greyfoot before she realizes that it is dead. Brand comes up and tries to get her to tell him what happened, she turns and runs him through with her flame blade. Brand transfers his blade to his left hand and punches her in the solar plexus before moving into grapple with her. She fights off Brand while Feldspar flies down and grabs Greyfoot’s corpse. She fights off Brand and runs after Feldspar, Brand comes up behind and smacks her on the back of the head with the flat of her blade knocking her unconscious. He drags her inside the manor house, ties her up, and drops her on her bed. Feldspar brings in Greyfoot’s body and barricades the door from the hallway – in case she goes crazy again. We inform Lady Finestone of what happened and resume our watch. Feldspar attempts to heal Brand, but he refuses to have anything to do with it.

The next morning Kethra gets up early and checks to see if Beedler returned, but there was no sign he came over the wall during the night. She meets up with Caden and together they visit Carmak and he sends two letter with them – one to Faerlie and a second one to Lady Finestone. He plans to stay in town for another day and then return to the manor. Kethra and Caden then mount up and return to the manor house. Its a bit tense inside and Faerlie “claims” that she does not remember attacking Brand, while Brand threatens her if she ever gets close to him. Everyone, except Brand, sits down to discuss what to do next. Faerlie wants to lay Greyfoot to rest, but the others want to follow the Winter Wolf tracks.

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