We rock LA

We are leaving San Diego on our way to LA. We got called by Gina during the trip that she is already in LA. At 3pm we reach the LA Municipal Center and begin to unload our gear for tonight’s concert. Our stage manager begins to get everything in order as Alex, the pyrotechnics man, goes over where his kit will go off. During our walkthough Schroder collapses, he has a fever so a paramdeic is called. A sports doctor arrives and tells us that he has some sort of food poisoning, he is not in serious danger but will not be ready by tonight’s concert. Tanaka asks for him to be sedated.

While all of that is going on the backup guitar and bass players that Tanaka arranged for arrive with their equipment. One of them will takeover for Schroder while the other will play a new unnecessary third guitar part.

A courier arrives with an old U-matic tape that was sent to Tanaka. There is no note or anything else, just the tape. She calls around and finds a place nearby that can play the tape. With that Tanaka leaves Ronji in charge while she runs out to Jake’s Electric World to play the tape that Gina sent to her. The tape is from The Kennedys Gang who claim that they have kidnapped Gina and give a number to call to get their demands.

Just as we are finished with pyrotechnics, Ian arrives, looks everything over, and approves it. After that is a quick sound check before we head back to the green room to chill out.  Tanaka gets on the phone with headquarters  and they throw the issue of the kidnapping back on her shoulders. They have complete faith in her ability to handle the situation with no additional funds.  Dejected she comes back to the venue and talks over the situation with Ronji.

Outside the venue Tawny is trying to drive up interest by handing out t-shirts, keychains, and other cheap things. The crowd ignores her, several of them laugh at her attemps and even throw things at her. Frustrated she asks some of the venue employees if there would be a place better suited. Ronji and Tawny grab Lizzy the videographer and go off to hit the bars. She signs up the band to an after party in one bar and gets fairly good recpetion from the others.

As the doors open the first fans begin to filter in to hear the opening band. Backstage we find out that the fake Ian was putting in a public appearance at Ian’s daughter’s movie premier and was stabbed and is being rushed to the hospital. Thinking quickly they bandage up Ian in the green room and hold off his appearance for the first set. The plan is that Ian will make a stunning appearance, straight from the hospital to appear on-stage. As we start into the first set things are moving pretty well but the audience is clearly a bit ruffled by the lack of Ian and the news of his stabbing moving through the crowd.

Crash takes the mic and informs the crowd of Ian’s condition and then welcomes Ian on-stage for the rest of the set. The crowd is pumped as we move into the second set. Ian nails his performance although the backup players stagger through that set. The final set Phil really hits his stride although he is not playing the same music – instead falling into his counter-melody mode. Crash, whose drumpad stopped working, notices that Ian has strayed into the path of the pyrotechnics. He runs across the stage and tackles Ian just before the fire fountain goes off. The crowd goes wild as we exit the stage.

Tawny convinces us to attend her after-concert party at the bar she arranged. We arrive to complete adulation at the bar, fans shove books for us to sign and mob our efforts to get inside. Tawny and Ian gather up most of the fans and head to the bar, while Phil finds a corner to relax. Crash sees his drum kit on stage and heads up there to see if he can get it working. On the TV flashes live news footage that shows Ian arriving at a private hospital. Ian and Tanaka do sufficient damage control that the crowd doesn’t worry about the news – they want to hear the band. We take to the stage and while only Ian really nails his performance for the crowd. About 2am we get herded into the bus to our next destination.

At 3am the Kennedys call Tanaka and tell her the diplomatic pouch has been received. She talks briefly to Gina before the Kennedys come back on the phone. We continue our drive to Night City for our next concert. In the morning Tanaka calls the Kennedys’ promoter and arranges for them to be the opening band at Night City at Totentanz. Ian and his entourage meets us at the border crossing and joins the rest of us on the bus as we continue home.

About noon Tanaka throws a hissy fit as Crash finally tells her that his drum set is non-functional. She gets on the phone and tries to arrange for new costumes and equipment and it all comes out of her bonus. As we continue the drive Tanaka hits her phone and arranges for some random muscle to beat down the Dead Kennedys after they play the club so they do not pull this kind of shit again.

We get to Totentanz and get our gear up to the back room for the concert. This is a real hardcore bar with nothing breakable in the room and bullet holes in the walls. Fights are frequent so it should be no problem ambushing the Dead Kennedys. About 7pm Ronji returns from some much needed R&R with a briefcase with a MPK-2020.

The Dead Kennedys arrive and we make small chit-chat with them while they go through their sound check. Ian arrives and his manager meets with Tanaka about the setup of this concert.

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