To the Great White North

….stuff happens…

Schroeder and Crash return to their rooms to jam for the night. Tanaka passes out in her room from the meds and Phil has crashed in his from his drugs. Ian was arrested for discharging a firearm and holding someone hostage as he escaped the barge. Ranji heads to his room, while Crash and Schroeder decide to work on some new music.

As they enter Schroeder’s room he finds a piece of paper on his floor that contains instructions from his gang (which he conceals from Crash). They try and put a few new sounds together, but nothing seems to gel for them. After a few hours they give up on it and Crash goes to his room. Finally alone, Schroeder gets online to retrieve final instructions from his gang.

On his way back to his room Crash passes an man, of Indian origin, getting ice at 3am. This is strange because that same guy was getting ice when they first entered Schroeder’s room. Crash calls Ranji who hassles the guy about his business. The two of them go down the elevator to the front lobby where the guy wants to levy a complaint against Ranji. However, the man never reaches the lobby, he clearly got off on a higher floor and escaped.

…..stuff happens….

Phil gets a message at the hotel from a nomad friend of his named Keith. He is just outside of town with the rest of his buddies having a large party. Phil runs out to the bus and after failing to break in and take the bus he finally wakes up the driver and gets let inside. Taking over the external speakers the begins to call out the names of his band mates to come to the party. Eventually he gets a bellhop to go inside and get everyone. Crash, Tanaka, and Schroeder board the bus and we are off to the party.

The party is a large mass of nomads that have taken over a park outside of town. As we pull up Schroeder and Tanaka notice a large party van outside with two people inside assembling a machine gun. Before they can say anything we are inside and surrounded by party-goers. Phil exits the bus to a large and welcoming crowd and is led off to a stage. Crash and Schroeder grab their gear and try their best to follow him. Eventually we make our way to a stage and begin to play. Crash stumbles through the first part of his set, but he finally finds his groove and we really begin to rock the party.

Tanaka wanders off to listen to Nordic Death Rock while we are playing. Once Phil feels he has played some really good music he grabs his amp/guitar and heads off-stage. Crash and Schroeder grab up their kit and scramble after him before he can disappear. Keith finds Phil and leads him off to the VIP tent. Schroeder follows him inside, but Crash decides to head off and listen to other bands. Inside the tent we chill out and relax with the local bowl of party supplies. Phil convinces them that Schroeder is an excellent sound and light man and Keith tells them about a large box of fireworks that they will give him for the show tonight.

Schroeder leaves the to find some of the old timers that have been with the party since the beginning. He is trying to dig up some of the background of Ricochet from when they were still together. He finds out that the story is pretty much exactly what the corporation has been spinning. However, during the rambling conversation they make their way to the amateur stage where Tanaka is playing. He sees her finish her set and exit the stage. What only the people near the stage sees is that she collapses. They take her off to the first aid tent where it is discovered her arm has gangrene.

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