The party is over

…some stuff…

Ranji leaves the room to pick up the doctor who was hired to check out Ian, leaving a very drunk Tawny and Gina in the room. He is not gone for 30 minutes before Gina spills all of the drinks all over the floor. Seeing this as a sign they must leave the room, they head downstairs to the hotel bar.

…..stuff happens….

At the party we begin letting off the fireworks as the party begins to separate into smaller evening affairs. Phil notices a plane or something that is coming this way. He points it out to Kieth, who with the addition of binoculars sees that it is a blimp. At this point all of the power to the area is cut and small treaded robots with speakers roll into the milling crowd. A loud voice booms out that we have 1 minute to disperse by the order of the Royal Mounties.

Very few people leave and 30 seconds later a loud piercing sound comes from the speakers, knocking everyone unconscious. Phil wakes up, staggers to his feet and stumbles over to find Keith. They say their good-byes and promise to party again real soon. Phil retrieves his guitar and amp then staggers over to the bus. Along the way he stumbles into Schroeder just as the Mounties hit the sonic stunner again. Schroeder falls over and Phil only makes it a dozen more steps before he drops. After a short period of time Phil again gets to his feet and drags Schroeder towards the bus.

From the front of the bus Phil grabs the microphone and begins calling out Crash’s name. When he spots some of the Mountie Riot Squad he begins to use his loudspeaker to insult and humiliate them. Eventually one of them comes over and bangs on the bus. When Phil refuses to cooperate he comes on arrests him. Crash and Tanaka make it to the bus just as Phil is drug away. Tanaka intercepts the cop and after much haggling and begging she manages to get Phil released, who has been insulting the cop the entire time.


The band is loaded into the bus, but before we can leave Izzy comes staggering up the road looking like she barely escaped from the riot. She is rather angry at us for leaving her, but Tanaka manages to sooth over things. An ambulance finally pulls up and Ian is taken off to the hospital, the rest of us go to the go to a television show appearance.

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