The first concert is the bomb

Ricochet Reloaded takes to the stage for their first concert. Except for Schroeder and Ian the opening few numbers really suck. In fact Gina blows her amp, while a roadie tries to fix it she plays on. As we go into the second set Tanaka yanks Gina offstage to avoid any further embarrassment. We really begin to rock the house even though most of the executives have moved off into small groups to chit-chat.

Two Arsaka guards standing near the bar suddenly put their helmets on and run towards the front door. They barely get outside when their is a large crack and the ceiling near by stage begins to collapse. At first everyone stares up in panic, then those with bodyguards are quickly rushed out the door under cover. Everyone else seeing this decides to also rush to the front door in an effort to escape.

As cars are quickly loaded in the front lot and flee the scene, the band and those people who were blocked from fleeing through the front door make their way towards the back door behind the back rooms. Clinton pushes his way through the crowd grabs Ian and drags him outside to a waiting armored limo. The backstage begins to clear out when we see our bus slowly pull around with a bullet hole in the front windshield.

The next night the new video director contacts us and tells us where the new video shoot is going to take place. We roll the equipment and ourselves on this bridge, blocking traffic from both sides. As the video is being set up he has a helicopter come swooping in and pyrotechnic explosions go off around us. The one thing he forgot to do was contact the local authorities and get permits for everything. Seeing an attack inside of the city they respond with overwhelming force. A helicopter lifts off from the local army base and the cops arrive and secure the north end of the bridge. The people on the bridge are confused and begin to try and escape the explosions towards the cops, who are pushing them back. The crowd becomes a full-fledged riot.

As the riot grows out of control the cops arrive form up a wall at the far end of the bridge and begin to push the rioters back and disperse them. The rioters begin to bunch up in the middle of the bridge and swirl around our vehicles. We are hustled into a van for safety when the director tells the driver to move out. The driver begins to slowly work his way through the crowds with several of the people ending under the vehicle – some of them the cops forming the wall. The van does not get away clean and with two punctured front tires we ground to a halt. The cops in pursuit we bail the van and run for cover.

Schroeder contacts a gang, the Brainics, that he has been helping. He fills in them on what happened and asks if they can help him. They say if his has another id or something they can get him a room. The problem is that the only other id he has with him his is student id which has his picture and real name.

Crash avoids the original dragnet but then falls prey to a roving patrol. He considers trying to talk his way out of it, but given the events of the night he comes clean that he is a part of the van and was running from the chaos of the

Phil gets through the intial dragnet but with no place to go he simply wanders the street eventually catching a cab towards the wall. He stops five blocks from the police checkpoint and sends the cab on the way. Striping down to only his boxers and guitar he heads towards the checkpoint. His conversation with security is rambling and mostly incoherent and the cop eventually convinces him to not leave the city. He goes a few blocks into the city and sleeps off the night in an alley.

The next morning Phil finds his guitar gone and ketchup done up in a splatter wound on his chest. With little other options he wanders up the street until he is picked up the cops. They take him downtown, classify his as undesirable, then drop him beyond the outer wall. Phil tries to get back into the city, but the cop refuses to let him through the gate. So, he finds a community of bums – scavanges the body and neck of a guitar – and hangs with the bums.

Schroeder wakes on the studio couch, Fan tells him he is allowed to stay there for the day as long as he stays in the back room. He spends most of the day programming on his boards. Eventually he makes contact with headquarters and he is told to sit still while things are being worked out.

Tanaka gets a hold of Network54 to try and rustle up some help. She manages to get the company to pay whatever fine is necessary, but the band must leave immediately. She finds that Crash, Tawney, and Ronji are in lockup and will be escorted to the south gate where she can pick them up. Schroeder finds out about the meeting from his corporate contacts and makes his way to the beach house to catch the van before it leaves.

With no Phil or Gina, everyone else is at the south gate moving the evidence from the police palette into the van. Tanaka contacts a private detective to find Phil as the van leaves the city. On their way out they drive slowly through areas outside the city where Phil might have stayed. Phil sees the van, grabs his guitar, and waves them down.

As we head back towards Night City Tanaka begins to call around looking for a concert venue.

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