The drudgery of being a star

We have a midnight interview with a radio station in Tokyo, which is a stop on our tour. It goes fairly well until the end when Tawney tried to plug her sponsor, but Tanaka hangs up the line before she can get much out. Tanaka lays down the rules once again with her, but it probably will not work this time either.

After a small break we are summoned to the teleconference for a conference call with a radio station in Sydney Australia. Phil is more awake for this one and unfortunately mentions the Fake Ian, Kidnapped Gina, and possibly the death of the real Ian. Luckily Schroeder and Crash manage to do enough damage control to mitigate the worst of his mistakes.

Tanaka meets with the doctor that is working with Ian. He explains that Ian is in a coma, but it seems outside the expected norm. He says that they will take the best care of Ian and not to worry. The doctor also warns her that he has covered for her this time, but the medical technician that they called in is not allowed to practice medicine in Canada. Tanaka thanks him and tells him to keep her in the loop.


We are all called into the back room for another notification from Tanaka. She informs us that Ian will no longer be performing with us. He has not come out of the coma and his manager sold off all of his material to DMS. However, Net54 has decided that they like us enough they are willing to front us some money to keep the band together.

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