The Audition

On the road again Ronji is getting tired and begins to float the car between lanes so Crash takes over the driving. A few hours out Ronji takes the wheel again before we are stopped by a pair of cops blockading the road outside of LA. Ahead we see an AV engaging gangers fighting on the road. Rather than wait it out we decide to route around LA.

After a brief rest stop we are back on the road. An hour later we are finally back on the I-5 heading south to San Diego. We are all relieved when we see the San Diego outer checkpoint. It takes fifteen minutes before we are allowed to enter the tunnel into the city. A few missteps later we finally pull up to the downtown Hilton just a few hours before the audition.

A crash sleep, quick breakfast, quick change into our metal-hair costumes and the band is ready. A problem arises when we are stopped at the door and discover that NightCity was not invited to this competition. Tanaka places a call to Renhold and he tells her he will work it out shortly.  Tanaka finds her own opportunity and a couple of hundred dollars later a band from Miami withdrawals from the competition and we are in.

We are shown to our rehearsal room and begin to practice when Renhold calls back again. He is glad that we have got into rehearsal, but is not happy that we are entered as Miami. He informs Tanaka that a ton of trouble is getting ready to hit Lisa, who denied our band entry into the contest originally. While we are practicing a dejected Lisa comes into the room and informs us that we can have whatever we want. On the bright side she takes the super-fan with her to the VIP room.

In the VIP room Tawny finally gets the treatment she deserves. She discovers that she will be judging the contest along with two music executives. For two hours she spends time in wardrobe as the stylists attempt to fix the botched coloring  job she did this morning. She calls Tanaka to gloat after Tanaka dumped on her after breakfast.

The overhead PA system calls everyone to the auditorium as the auditions begin. The first of bands are pretty average with a strong emphasis on pyrotechnics and light displays; however the quality of music degrades rapidly as we near lunch. We are informed our band will be playing at 3pm.

While the rest of us are dining on the buffet, Tanaka goes back to our dressing room and sees one of the Kennedy’s coming out our room and going into another. She rushes inside to find Ted Kennedy destroying one of the guitars. She tries to fight him off, but ends up getting the worse of the encounter until Ted flees the scene. Tanaka calls for security but Ted escapes before she can summon security.

Tanaka unloads on the ineffective security as several other bands discover their equipment has been ruined. With no time to spare Tanaka and Schroeder go to the nearest music store to purchase replacement equipment. On the way back they are cornered by another band as the bands begin to turn on each other until Ronji arrives to escort them back to our room.

With our instruments repaired we go onstage for our five songs. With some amazing keyboards from Schroeder our band carries the day. In fact we are so good that Ian Bordeaux refuses to see anymore bands until the legal department forces the issue. Thus the contest continues into the afetrnoon even though the outcome has already been determined.

That night Tanaka scores Phil some weed and he calls up the rest of the band for a jam session in his room. There were some righteous sounds coming from there until we broke up in the early morning. The next morning we get into our costumes to hear the rest of the bands and the final ceremony. When we are announced as the winners the other bands get a bit angry until security pushed them out of the room with the help of Ricochet.

Tanaka is assigned as the tour manager as we prepare to go into recording studio to record the new Ricochet Reloaded album.

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