Tensions before the first concert

Catherine Vaughn, Ian’s Tour Manager, enters the house. She immediately begins to put her foot down and try to drive the conversation, until she runs headlong into Tanaka. Like two large junkyard dogs they circle each other while snarling and snapping. After sizing up each other they come to a standing agreement – Catherine and her security team will cover Ian, while Tanaka and Ronji will cover the rest of the band. As a final word Catherine tells Tanaka that someone is leaking inside information about the band to the net. She also threatens that if she finds whoever on this group is blackmailing the higher ups to keeping this group in Ricochet she will deal with them permanently.

Schroeder, Gina, and Black Lace go to the recording studio to re-record their tracks. They are directed to Black Box Studio which has openings for the day. Once at Black Box Studios, Schroeder plugs his gear into the soundboard and spends the rest of the morning playing different tracks. None of them come out good enough to be exceptional, but they are better than his previous efforts.

While they are working at Black Box Studios, Tawney goes out with Jane Findley to shop for concert outfits for the band. They head down to best stores and Tawney dominates the costume selection. She shows perfect taste and comes away with two complete costumes and several sets of accessories. Phil continues to hang out on the beach getting stoned.

The guys at Black Box take a break and go down to the cafe for lunch. Schroeder tries to strike up a conversation several times with the sound engineer, but doesn’t manage to converse on his level. After lunch, while Gina is playing her tracks Tanaka notices Schroeder is acting strangely while he is plugged into the system. She confronts him about his behavior and as it begins to escalate to a full scale argument before they are gassed unconscious by the frightened engineer.

They wake up in the limo with Ronji and Gina. Black Box Studios have kicked out the band for the rest of the day.

While Phil is hanging out on the beach Ian comes out and talks with him. The two of them sit on the beach, smoke, and discuss life in general. As the conversation rambles on about nothing in general Phil begins to slip into a conversation he had with Jerry about Jerry’s death. In the end Ian is convinced he needs to write his own music again or suffer getting replaced by other people body sculpted to look like him.

When the rest of the group get back to the house they find Ian drinking and writing and Crash banging on his drums. Ronji and Schroeder go off to talk about Tanaka’s accusation of file hacking. He keeps Schroeder’s keyboard until someone from higher up can check out the files on his system. The household gets a bit tense.

We all go out for dinner and conversation begins to calm everyone down. Schroeder leaves the table to call the owner of Black Box Studios in an attempt to repair bridges. While talking on the phone he tries to bribe one of the workers to give him access to the data term. Ronji notices this and tells him that he is acting strange and this could be held against him. Ronji and Schroeder finally come back to the table.

We gather ourselves and pile into the tour van. We are playing at what used to be suburban bar before the area is demolished. Arasaka is providing security and they wave us though while pulling Tanaka aside and explaining the need for obvious security due to the various corporate factions attending the event. The rest of us make it backstage to prepare for the concert. Ian comes in an hour early and crashes in the room.

The captain of the Arasaka security team comes in and talks to Tanaka about a bomb threat that has been made against this venue. Crash’s groupies come backstage and hang out in the room before us. In the final preparations Schroeder goes onstage and checks out the equipment. With only minutes to go until the first concert of Ricochet Reloaded the band is ready to take the stage.

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