Surf Nazis must Die

Our tour bus arrives at the beach where they are setting the props for the music. All of us are shown to a second bus for wardrobe. Crash is not happy with the choice of a giant yellow chicken for himself. After complaining he is changed into a blue tentacle monters. Crash and Tawny start to complaining loudly about the focus of the video. Instead of aliens and monsters, Richoet was about hard rocking music – not flash and trash.

Reluctantly we decide to get fitted and see if Tanaka can help get the costume mess straightened out. Phil lights up and simply relaxes on the shoreline in his giant lizard monster outfit while the others talk to the locals that have gathered around to see what is happening. Eventually the crew is ready and they begin taking individual shots. While Phil is working on his shots Tanaka and Schroder arrive.

Tanaka goes critical on anyone she can find. Aliens and healing music is not metal glam rock. Finally she works her way up the ladder so that she can scream at someone in charge. After that seems to have no effect she find Ian since he is the one putting the band back together. After talking to him she discovers that he is nothing more than a body double that is used for press releases and public appearances. During the conversation she meets the real Ian, who has been drinking further down the beach.

Tanaka and the real Ian get into a discussion about what really is metal and what Richoet really stood for during their time. Ian counters that his audience is mostly dead or burned out and he doesn’t know how¬†to modernize his music. Tanaka says that true metal music never dies and Ian simply needs to find within himself what was once very good indeed. After a long talk Ian decides that Tanaka is right and immediately begins plans to write some new music and bring metal back.

Shortly afterwards a DMS van comes screaming unto the set. One man armed with an assault rifle jumps out firing it into the air. Two other man runs towards the set, grabs the fake Ian, and throws him into the van. Tanaka charges toward the van with a broom handle and begins to beat on it trying to get in. As the gunmen jump back into the van, Tanaka takes the opportunity to follows them inside. Once inside she pummels them until she can grab the fake Ian and roll out the back of the van. The van continues speeding down beach making a clean get-away.

Once everyone calms down we get back to shooting the video. There is a bit of a problem when we go up in the wooden spaceship. Phil manages to lose his grip and nearly falls through the bottom access panel before he regained his balance. As the sun begins to set we are released from the set and allowed to go back to our beach house.

We settle in the house and after ordering dinner the real Ian arrives. He brings some of the latest import music from Romania. Ian cranks the volume to give himself some new inspiration. At 2am we have listened enough music that it is time try our own hand at some new music. It is an awesome jam session!

In the morning we wake up with post-it-notes on our foreheads saying that we are dead. Tanaka goes to find out about the notes from Ronji when overhears him arguing with someone. Going inside she finds the new security guy talking to Ronji, he considers Ronji to be sloppy and ineffecient. Tanaka calls her boss to find out the situation. She can keep Ronji since Clinton Whitehall, the new security guard, is mainly there to protect Ian.

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