Ricochet Firing

Schroeder wakes up from his fever and staggers into the shower just a few hours before the concert at Totentanz. He immediately begins arguing with Tanaka and discovers that the new keyboardist has reset his board. With Schroeder back in the game, the backup keyboardist switches to become an unecessary 2nd bass player. Tanaka runs out for some food and some last minute equipment.

The lead band, The Nameless Slugs, finishes their set and the Dead Kennedys go on-stage. As they finish their set a couple of thugs rush the stage, paid by Tanaka, and beat the living crap out of the Kennedys starting a stage brawl that ends with two badly beat thugs as well. The Kennedies manage to quietly drag the consious one off to a hotel room to extract some revenge. Under extreme duress, he admits he was hired to do the dirty work and The Kennedys piece together the betrayal. They gather their band members and plan how to salvage their hostage operation. Ronji comes in the green room to tell us that the crowd got out of control. He has unlocked his 2020 and informs us that the crowd is still very rowdy. With that we take to the stage.

Our first set was rolling pretty good with Schroder taking the lead on the keyboards. For as good as that was we pretty much crashed on the second set just barely managing to stop the crowd from rushing the stage. The final set we all managed to find our grove and we ended the concert on a high note with a tremendous drum and light show – at least enough to garner an encore. The encore was dominated by Phil on the bass, especially given that he was not even playing the same music as everyone else.

The Dead Kennedys called Tanaka’s phone several times during the concert, but she never heard them ring. They found out that Tanaka had hired some thugs to rush the stage and beat up the Kennedys. This resulted in a breach of their “diplomatic” agreement and they were breaking off negotiations – Gina would not be returned.

…stuff happens…

Tanaka spends the next hour, gathering up her NET54 thugs, getting info and video from the front desk, and canvasing the building. They come to the conclusion that they’re using a master key and could be in any of 512 rooms checked out or not. After scanning the surveillance, Gina is seen to be led into a 10th floor room and the raid is on.

Meanwhile the Kennedys call the green room phone attempting to extort some profit out of the band members since Tanaka seems too cold to care about Gina. Schroder calls his friends and tries to get some help, unfortunately his message decrypts into a “screw you” message to his Brainiac friends. They send a less friendly member to see why he is making enemies. Schroder claims ignorance in the mesage mistake and pleads for help locating Gina’s location. They comply while he writes out a progress report explaining his secret shortcomings. In the end he has an address and convinces Crash and the executive bodyguard Pablo to go be heroes.

Both teams converge on the floor and have a whipsered planning session, creep in the door, and notice a laser tripwire  right before bullets come flying out of the room peppering the wall around Ronji’s head. There’s a firefight involving magazines emptied blindly through walls and the one grenade gets thrown into the hall. Tanaka charges ahead of her Solos and gets her arm mangled before falling unconcious.

Ronji ad Pablo assesses the situation and takes a quick breather before readying for the next assault attempt. Schroeder redials the Kennedy number and gets ahold of the gunman in the room. They negotiate an end to hostilities and the combination for the bomb in exchange the last Kennedy getting away free. Schroeder escorts him to the elevator, just as the door shuts he shouts out that the bomb is a fake.

Angry at the deception, Schroeder and Crash rush into the room to rescue Gina. As Schroeder gets close to the chair he hears some beeping coming from the bottom of the chair. They both look down in horror at what appears to be a bomb sealed to the chair by the same duct taped that holds Gina to the chair. Schroeder tries futilely to pull Gina and the chair over by the bed, while Crash tries to use one of his drumsticks to cut tape and lever off the bomb without mutch results. Failing that he grabs up a piece of grenade shrapnel to cut at the tape. Schroeder gets a knife from one of the thugs and cuts Gina free from the chair. Crash gets the bomb free of the chair and tapes it to the outside of the hotel. During their escapade , Ronji manages to save Tanaka’s life.

While heading towards the exit they call up Tawney in the green room and tell her to get Phil and all of their equipment out of the building. By the time they get Ronji and Rambo down the stairs, carrying an unconscious and dying Tanaka – Phil and Tawney are already loading the equipment unto the bus. Nestha is holding the Kennedy that tried to get away at gunpoint in the lobby. About this time an Arasaka Urban Combat AV shows up and their security personal take control of the situation.

Before the police detectives gets everyone’s statements, the AV airlifts Tanaka and Rambo to the hospital. With the bus moving we realize that we have no idea where we are going – except that it is somewhere in San Fransisco. Tawney calls Net54 and asks if they can get another manager, the person she talks to says to simply head towards San Fransisco and she will take care of the details.

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