Out of Sound

We arrive in Seattle for our next concert, which will take place on Pier 99 in the middle of Puget Sound. Our driver is maneuvering is way by the docks looking for the proper pier when he runs into a semi coming the opposite direction. After exchanging information we get back on the bus and the driver continues to have problems. He scrapes and grinds his way down several alleyways before Iris finally has enough and directs him to a Puget Place hotel before he destroys the bus.

As we settle down in our rooms, Iris comes by to see if we want anything until the concert. She knocks on Ian’s door and when he does not come to the door she opens it and finds him on the couch with a gun in his head. Panicking she shakes him awake and tries to take the gun from him. What follows is a tense conversation about why Ian needs a gun. She leaves the room and Ian still has the gun and she is not happy about it. Stopping in to see everyone else goes better and she leaves Crash to watch over Phil.

…stuff happens…

As the opening band is finishing up their set Schroeder and Phil and chilling with the groupies, Crash is walking around the back of the venue. Crash notices that the viking-style flatboat is leaking fuel. Before he can do anything about it there are a series of popping noises and a small explosion. The barge creaks, groans, and pulls free from its moorings.

Crash tries to take control of Tanaka is still under medication while Schroeder calls the police for help. Just after getting off the phone Schroeder comes under fire from two people on the pier. Ranji finds cover and begins to exchange fire with the people on the pier. Ian has his gun out and is ready to fight off anybody.

The opening band begins to start up the viking boat to escape the barge. Schroeder and Crash manage to stop him and convince them to use the boat to ferry people from the barge to the shore. After convincing them they find out from Devon where the anchor capstan is located. With fuel floating under the barge they plan to release the anchor so they can float free and hopefully out of the fuel slick.

As we float too far away for Ranji to engage the men on the pier with his pistol they come out and prepare a firebomb. Luckily a police helicopter arrives and lights them up with a spotlight. As Crash attempts to negotiate with them to avoid burning up, Ranji takes aim with the barkeep’s shotgun. Just as the man begins to throw the bomb, Ranji shoots him. The bomber falls backwards and the firebomb breaks, which pools around him. With the barge saved the harbor patrol arrives and saves the rest of us.

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