I left my heart – and other parts of my body

Ian, Catherine, and Lizzy were at an afterparty while the gunplay went down. Ronji, Tanaka, Gina, Rambo, and Nestha are all hustled into the AV and whisked off to the hospital. They brought Tanaka conscious enough to get her approval to remove her arm and replace it with a cyberarm. The rest of us pile into the bus with the gear and go north to the next concert.

Iris Brashaw is the replacement manager and she arrives to take everyone to a B&B for a touchy feely get-to-know-me meeting and hides out in the toilet when her employees don’t partcipate. She checks them into a resort right on the water and everybody mellows out. Gina arrives by bus and seems to be lacking any emotion at all after her ordeal. Iris makes a call and finds out Gina’s been given some heavy relaxants time released for 48 more hours. Before the show the bus takes us all back to the stadium. We slide into the usual pre-show routine when one of the venue managers comes up to Iris and informs her that their lead singer has not showed up and his manager notified him he was cancelling, citing poor ticket sales and contractual details. Iris calls up Ian directly and finds he has gone rogue, driving himself and Lizzy to the Stadium. Iris gives him directions to the stadium after Lizzy makes it clear he is nearly lost.

We take to the stage in a stadium less than a third full and with almost no crowd energy. We manage to somehow muddle through with a few standouts, but nothing strong enough to get any sort of encore. To the sound of half-hearted applause we leave the stage.

When the stadium clears we convince the stage-hands to let us back on to the stage to practice some of Ian’s new songs. Schroeder gets a copy of our tracks and while Crash and Phil get their stuff working nothing else is falling into place. Low on energy we head back to the hotel for a late night jam session. The hotel manager stops us from setting up poolside so we retreat to the tour bus and rock until we fall asleep.

We awake the next morning with the tour bus in motion. The next concert is in Portland; however we are stopped at the border before entering the US. Nobody has a passport, so the guard seems a little puzzled and refuses to let us enter. Iris calls back to Net54 and they direct her the nearest small town courthouse where they can arrange to expedite passports for each of us. She brokers her laptop for illegal passports and a bad Canadian forgery for Ian.

The bus crosses into another country and on to Portland where they are going to play an eco-friendly wooden concert hall. Ian begins to exhibit an altered mental state and a doctor is brought in again. He takes some tests and puts it down to a medication imabalance . Schroder gets his gadgets back, and Tanaka wakes up with a cyberarm and some new directions. The band plays with mininal stage effects and the show is sloppy with Ian coming off like a confused drunk wandering off the stage during the unplugged improvised “Green” song at the end. With no more border crossings, the drive to Seattle should be uneventful. Nobody knows that Tanaka is riding a train through the night to take back control.

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