Gathering of the Band

After all of the interviews and demo cuts are over we are ushered into a waiting room for the final outcome. Phil (bass guitar), Crash (drums), Schroder (keyboard), and Gina (guitar) are selected to become the new band for Ricochet by Tanaka (manager). The other posers and losers are rushed, often physically, out of the room. We are ushered up to the manager’s office for a meet and greet with the money-man financing our attempt at becoming the new Ricochet band.

The meeting with the manager ends and we are pushed towards the motor-pool where our limo is waiting – sans driver.  After fifteen minutes without a driver Tanaka blows up again heading into the garage to scream at some people until we get a driver. Eventually the Network 54 bodyguard, who doubles as our driver, arrives and we begin our trip to San Deigo.

Near the border to SoCal we stop by for some dinner and to stretch our legs. Everyone but Phil, who is left to watch the limo, go inside the truck stop. When the driver and Tawny return to the limo Phil is hanging out with some truckers that came to hang out and raid the mini fridge. Crash, Tanaka, and Schroder sit in the diner looking through Ricochet ‘s music and planning the sets we were going to play. Eventually Tanaka returns to the limo and tells the truckers to leave or she would burn off their nads. With that situation handled we get back on the road.

When we reach the border there is a bit of a problem when Tanaka gives the border police some backtalk. This causes our vehicle to get searched very closely. The cops find Phil’s drugs and confiscate them after a brief tussle about personal use and the rights of man.

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