From Studio to Video

After we finish with the promotional pictures for Ricochet Reloaded everyone heads back to the hotel while Tanaka goes over our schedule. The first gig will be here, but before that we need to hit the local party scene. Our first stop is the Decryption Depot – a party rock house for the rich kids.

Tawney manages to convince the owner that she is a minor TV star that is working with the new Ricochet band on its public image. Crash gathers a crowd of the early drunks around him, while Phil gets the stage turned live. The owner arranges to have a limo brought around for Tawney so that he can arrange a celebrity appearance.

Phil calls Schroeder to bring his guitar so that he can play. The problem is that this alerts Tanaka where everyone has gone. Tanaka grabs Ranji and Schroeder before heading off to the bar to gather up her lost sheep. However, they get stopped by the doorman and forced to wait in line. Meanwhile, Tawney’s limo arrives and they get a good view of her well videoed arrival at the bar. Phil gets his guitar from Schroeder and goes back inside to jam with the band System Control.

Finally Tanaka gets inside the bar and tries to take control of her charges. Phil is pulled off the stage, Crash is grabbed by the horns – only Tawney is left to her own devices. Tanaka orders Ronji to escort her band back to the hotel, much to the dismay of the band members in question. Once we are back in the hotel and dressed down by Tanaka she sends Ronji back to retrieve Tawney.

Tawney convinces Ronji to party with her before they leave the bar. They are both a bit tipsy when they leave in the limo. Unfortunately a cop notices them and pulls the limo over. Ronji is hauled in for a DUI, leaving Tawney with the limo. She calls Schroeder who calls Crash (who has actually driven the car before). They arrive to help and with the cop watching proceed to careen out of control and crash into the concrete poles by the valet station. Once Schroeder and Tawney wake up, the cop writes up an accident report has the limo impounded.

The next morning Crash and Schroeder wander down to the breakfast buffet with Tanaka. When she calls Ronji to gather Phil he is racing across town in a rental van after being released from jail, when he gets down to the buffet notices that Gina is not in sight. Gathering up Gina, who was waiting outside, we pile into a rental van and head off to Blitz Studio for the recording. Tanaka notices the lack of a limo (she did not find out about the accident), but decides to simply ignore it.

In the studio we are shown the music to play for the first time. While the others are studying their parts, Phil goes into the studio and nails his part on the first try. Schroeder and Crash go next but each one of them fail to impress the sound engineer. While the band is at lunch Tawney gets a recording session for the PR flak to record. After lunch we try a few more sessions, but it is late afternoon and Schroeder and Gina still cannot nail the sound.

Feeling that was have lost our mojo, Tanaka is planning on having us jam all night in the hotel until we find the rocker within us. During dinner Tanaka gets a call from the VP wanting an update. He asks about several thousand dollars in damage bills from the hotel, but what really torques him off is that Night City is not on the tour list. He tells Tanaka to fix that oversight, but what gets her attention is the fact that they still have a limo.

A few confessions later (we hear they are good for the soul) and the full story of the accident is known to all. Isabella, the PR flak, gets some great footage of the tension within the group as Tanaka and Schroeder almost come to blows. We retire to Phil’s room for the jam session for several hours. Gina and Schroeder really nail the Ricochet sound – now if only they can do that in the studio.

As the morning comes the band rolls out of bed, gets their costumes, and makes their way to the video shoot. Tanaka, Ronji, and Schroeder go to the doc the look at Schroeder’s cut from the accident. The rest of us are in a bus headed to the beach for the shoot.

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