This is why we question the badguys before killing them

After having successfully killed the priest the party was left with no knowledge of how to deal with the demon they feared was alive and deeper in the mine. Joined by Gemma and Biwi, the party decides to split up to search for clues (where have I heard that before). Gemma and Kostos make the most progress in finding a open crevice full of snakes, while the Biwi and Briz make several failed attempts to awaken the frozen miners. Stathos creeps down the large open passageway carved with reliefs of worshipers, but is soon driven back in fear. With dawn approaching the party leaves the mine, returning to their camp where they can oversee the mine entrance and the path leading to it.

As night falls they again make their way into the mine in the hopes of uncovering how to free the miners.  Rather than try the large passage the party makes their way along a very narrow and twisting path that runs above the main tunnels. As they crawl deeper into the mountain the air becomes warmer and the rocks appear to have been partially melted on the surface. Eventually the path becomes so tight that only Gemma can make it through. On the otherside of a partial collapse she discovers a crevice that opens into a large room filled with fit pits. Aside from the heat and smoke that pours up this crevice she can hear (or feel) a large presence in that room. As the smoke begins to thicken and become snakes wrapping around her arms. She pulls away and rejoins the others who return to a larger area that overlooks where they fought the priest.

They see a large snake, nearly as thick around as a man’s body, slither through the room. The snake has a crusty rock-like body and glows with a fiery heat. Stathos hits the snake with an arrow and it shatters on the snake’s body. Realizing that the snake will soon cut them off from the only exit, they run through the tunnels and out the mine shaft. With the party cowering in their campsite the snake nears the timbers blocking the mine entrance, which causes the timbers to smoke and begin to burn. This is noticed by the miners in the camp and they come to investigate. As they near the entrance the snake bursts out, grabs one of the men, and returns to the mine. Under the watchful eyes of Panos, two miners return to the last bend before the mine entrance and keep watch through the night.

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    17-January 2009 at 12:54 pm

    [Briz] So, now we’ve got one artifact from the dead priest that we know how to use, and a whole lot of questions. We can hardly go to see the miners, they’ll hunt us down on sight. The dead city offered little in the way of clues. What shall we do? I think we can safely say that while Briz is ineffectual against the magic monster; he will be mostly safe because it would never notice him. heh heh heh.

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