Black Campaign

Last Saturday I ran the final conclusion to the Black Campaign. Its a pretty simple game, the world is Miranda and the ruleset is mostly vanilla D&D 3.5. This was the last part of the storyline about retaking the town of Grendlestown. In the previous games the players, who are are part of a mercenary troop, negotiated with the Bandit King access to the town. The town had been captured by a group of orcs, goblins, and gnolls, who almost never worked together. Once inside their orders were to sow confusion among the ranks and in three days to capture and hold the west gate long enough for the rest of the mercenaries to reach it. One of their number already fell to a hobgoblin druid and taken away.

Undeterred the rest of them made contact with the local resistance and devised a plan to accomplish both tasks at the same time. The town was divided into factions, one of these factions was led by an ogre named Gart. With guile, and help from a Charm wand, the party managed to convince Gart that Nodash (a orc who controlled the southern district, was out to kill him. Their first effort to start a small war failed when Hayawaka, the leader of this attack, cowed Gart and stopped Nodash with only a look. Clearly this was a gnoll to avoid at all costs. However, that effort cost the life of one of the resistance fighters they were working with when he was captured by Nodash.

Again they returned to Gart and convinced him to attack Nodash and they would provide him with a distraction large enough to draw Hayawaka away. Under this plan while Nodash and Gart were fighting the party attacked the west gate, which was only held by a dozen goblins. The goblins gave up a good fight, but were eventually overwhelmed. Now they just had to hold on to the gate until the army arrived.

Before they could arrive a group of orcs attacked, then vine-covered zombies. Each of these attacks were repulsed, but the party were futher weakened. When Gart and his orcs arrived they defeated the orcs and convined Gart to guard the gate from all comers. The would then go west and summon help. The mercenary army was able to take the gate quickly and while it was a bloody battle (because the party had no success in sowing any confusion among the ranks) the raiders were driven from the town.

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