2001 In Review

Spring 2001 Events

Dakarian-Irillian War rages on

The war between Dakar and Irill continues to rage, with most of the Vusivian providence in control of the Dakarian forces, under the command of Baron Edward of Nash. However, Baron Edward cannot secure his position until he decisively meets the Irillian Northern Legion in battle and defeats it. Commander Giulforo still holds the bulk of his forces in the field, broken into smaller centuries involved in active skirmishing with the Dakarians.

The Irillian navy continues to keep the smaller Dakarian navy locked out of the Caraga Sea; however, several Dakarian commerce raiders have managed to slip past and are currently preying on small Irillian merchant vessels. Still, this is a minor annoyance and the Irillian Navy has sunk three in the past month.

Giants in the North

While it is common that the Vykir battle one or two giants each year, this winter was so cold and lasted for so long that at least ten giants survived the journey from their frozen island to the Realms. Four Vykir hunter-groups went out to do battle with the brutes. Two returned to a great celebration after killing a single giant each. The third managed to kill two giants, but was completed destroyed during the battle with a third. The fourth was never heard of again, but their souls now sing with their ancestors – so they died in battle.

Because of this it is believed that one of the giants might be one of their few remaining Journhelm, a giant skilled in their magic. This could signal that the giants are again on the move and will try to conquer the Northlands in the coming years. This is bad news because the Vykir have been severely weakened by ongoing raids by the Goths and a plague that swept through their southern holds this past year.

Dark Lord uncovered in Three Kingdoms

During the last war between the Three Kingdoms and Xian, the Xian army sent one of their Dark Lords to command the army of faithful. The most hidden power in Xian, the Dark Lords are constructs sent from Zarn to smash his enemies. The Dark Lord Xiang stood over twenty feet with fire for eyes and a lance long enough to roast two horses over a spit. Xiang was a terrifying sight on the battlefield and many armies crumbled before him even before engaging his army in battle. However, the warmage Garrand fought Xiang from the walls of Strumreich. Although Xiang continues to press ahead against Garrand’s attack, just before reaching the walls he body shattered from the damage. The metal shards flying from his body tore Garrend in half before they finally exploded with enough force to utterly destroy the keep. With Xiang destroyed, the Xianese army fled.

That is the legend, but now a small group of treasure-hunters have uncovered the body of a Dark Lord in a cavern below where the town Strumreich used to sit. This calls into question whether Garrand actually destroyed or simply entrapped the being. If Xiang was revived it could spell doom for anyone nearby.

Summer 2001 Events

Dakarian Army regains the initiative

Led by Lord Daone, the Dakarian Heavy Cavalry routed the Irillian forces of led by Marshall Omero and captured the towns of Cocconi, Sieti, and Levada. This move brings the Dakarian army within 35 miles of the Albi fortress guarding the largest bridge over the Uttari river. If the Dakarian army should cross the Uttari river they would force Grand Marshall Grosio to divide his imperial army to cover is western flank. This could be the move that forces him to field the core of his infantry.

Gulshome elects new leader

Very early after the end of summer festival twenty gnomes snuck into a house on the far side of the Gulstown and made off with its principal occupant, a gnome named Nahsharim. When he finally came to his sense, poor Nahsharim found himself tied to the throne and his friend toasting his rise to the peak of gnomish power. Nahsharim will now have to serve as the new High King until he can convince the royal guards it is time to find the next ruler or successfully hide from them for one fortnight.

Scrolls of Arafan discovered

Three scrolls of the great Turanian philosopher, Arafan, were discovered in a rotting sea chest inside a cove on the northeastern coast. Aside from from their historic value this proves that the Turanians visited these lands over two-hundred years before the first Turanian is believed to have discovered this island. The scrolls themselves wax poetically over Arafan’s wife and child he left behind on a mission from Uhl. It was Uhl’s wish to see his people living upon this land — and Arafan would let nothing stand in his way to accomplishing this goal. The central cathedral will keep the scrolls for the upcoming winter, but once the waters are again safe to travel a ship will be dispatched to deliver these scrolls to the central cathedral.

Redface tribe at war

The Redface, a Carthin tribe from the Bronze Sea, is again on the warpath as they have been repeatedly the victim of a series of brazen thefts, each one designed to destroy as much of their honor they can. Now the time for negotiations has stalled and the children of Redface again seek to redress a centuries old wrong.


Winter 2001 Events

Dakarian advance halted

For ten days the Dakarian army attacked the Albi keep over the Uttari river — and for ten days they were pushed back. Finally, the Dakarian commander pulled his forces back and is currently searching for another way across the river. The Dakarian losses were very heavy, but the Irillian losses were crippling. The keep is mostly destroyed by numerous catapult hits and balls of flaming pitch, but enough still stands to hold the bridges. The bad news for the Irillian army is the death of Centurian Lorius during the frenzied battle on the last day. His personal heroics turned the battle for the keep’s walls several times during the preceding days — he will be greatly missed.

Xianese make several raids

Xianese raiders made openings along their border with the Three Kingdoms in preparation for a heavier attack by their more fanatical soldiers. Infused with the power from Zarn upon the sacrifice of captured elves, these fanatics burned down two of the border keeps and three fortified watchtowers. The leaders of the Three Kingdoms don’t believe this attack is the start of a full-scale war; instead they believe the Xianese religious leaders are more interested in sending them a message to stay out of any war they start with Ellendar. Most believe the Xianese will start a full war with Ellendar sometime after the snows begin to melt.

Pah warriors clash with undead

Lannoth’s undead army began a push to leave the dread swamps surrounding his capitol of Corvis. Several Pah tribes, supported by their witchdoctors and dreamers, fought for several days with the escaping undead. In the end less than five percent of those that left the swamps escaped into the Irillian Empire or Selcaria. The cost to the Pah tribes that fought them was high, but not a single tribe consider their blood wasted in the effort.

Queen Aurora nearly assassinated

Assassins slipped into the Dakarian palace in Celinus just after the third hour of the mood in an effort to kill the Queen. Their plan might have been successful if not for the intervention of Queen Aurora’s ladies-in-waiting and a the Barons of Phoenix Hold. While the killers slipped through the old entrances on the west wing of the palace Phoenix Company, twice-named heroes of the realm, moved to intercept them. With the assistance of Lady Beldt the assassins were killed or captured before they could accomplish their dark task. Unfortunately it cost Lady Beldt her life.

In a ceremony in the Great Throne room, Queen Aurora again named the members of Phoenix Company heroes of the realm and granted them lands in the newly conquered territories. No information could be gained from the assassins because they turned to dust when killed, but it is well known that such creatures are used by several magical circles that have sided with the Irillian Senate during this war.


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