The Phantoms of the Desert

Things are progressing well. Let me amend that — they are progressing wonderfully. The group is meshing well and have managed to pick up a few extra parts, some floating NPCs and in general have become a vital part of many people’s lives. They have righted wrongs and still managed to advance their own position. The group has been calling themselves “The Phantoms” and even painted small purple pacman-style ghosts on the front of their gears. I have introduced them to a few of the mover and shakers in the badlands and their list of good contacts has begun to grow.

For my upcoming run I will be bringing them into the circle of two people determined to remake the badlands. One through military might and direct control; the other through political and financial power. Although it is easy to see that one is harsh and direct while the other about giving and compromises there is not a direct good vs. evil battle here. I am looking for the players to make their own decisions about which side to support — which may be to support neither side. I will start them out on one side them introduce them to the other side slowly. This will give them time to maybe rethink their original ideas. This is an ambitious plan, but I have high hopes for the conclusion.

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