The end of a not good thing

Well, I cannot say that things have finished according to plan but it could have been worse. The two polar governments have begun a very small scale war. They mostly tend to occupy vital areas for their own side while retreating from others if confronted with overwhelming force. A few times areas switched hands based upon the strength of the company duelist, which will continue to work for as long as this stays a gentleman’s war: which is about to change.

Based upon information the players tracked down a earth special military transport that crashed in the rugged hills and valleys in the area. The players uncovered this cargo and took what they could afford to carry. On-board were several experimental weapons and some weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The players managed to get their hands on three fuzion bombs and two bioware warheads. They sold this to Catherine’s group for a very large sum of money. This blackmail completely spoiled their relationship with Catherine as the implication was that if she didn’t buy the weaposn they would sell them to the next highest bidder.

This could be a very interesting change; stay-tuned to find out.

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