Re-alignment of priorities

The group is fully on the hook with Catherine’s group. They have not yet made it into her inner circle, but they know one exists. Still, they are fairly tight with her designs of stopping the Baron from taking control of the area. With Northern and Southern strike units moving around the area the common people are very tense. To date none of the factions have decided to strike at the other for fear of upsetting the balance of power that exists. Everyone can feel that a war is approaching, but nobody in this area knows the kick-off date. The group will now begin the doctrine of the Baron and why he is building his own private army. They will see his military might and long list of allies. In the end they will make their decision based upon their own moral code. I can’t say that I set up any of the factions as the best decision.

The Southern commander is looking to setup a forward base and eventually bring this area under the control of the Southern Republic. The Northern Commandant is a strongly religious man that will not give one inch to the immoral Southies — no matter who gets in the way. The Baron is building his empire and trying his best to keep it independent of all outside influences. Catherine and her group are directly opposed to the Baron, but see the need for this area to build its own government to protect the people and negotiate a peace with both polar governments. So, many factions and many different goals with the players stuck in the middle.

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