2000 In Review

Spring 2000 Events

Not a very full news cycle, just a few tidbits.

Leadership of Temple of Light assured

In a ceremony of full of pomp, Grand Bishop Edwin Heisenburg of the Temple of Light has officially named Bishop Morger Schaffer as his successor. While many thought that Bishop Hadden would be named, the fact that Bishop Schaffer tutored Queen Aurora in her youth, and remains a close adviser of hers, lent great weight to him being named.

It is believed that Grand Bishop Edwin will be retiring from leadership of the Temple within just a few years. He was prepared to name his successor immediately following Reiner IV stepping down in favor of his daughter, but he was convinced to stay on and ease her transition from Princess to Queen.


Summer 2000 Events

It was a slow time, but still fruitfull.

Plague sweeps the Vykir

A very deadly plague swept among the southern holds of the Vykir during the heat of the summer, killing the young and very old. The village elders believed it started when some unsuspecting children came into contact with a sick winter bear feeding by a river. The bear attacked the children, mauling two of them before they were able to bring it down with their spears.

Within days of that incident several people began getting red splotches on their skin along their legs and arms. At first it seemed a simple rash, but within a week the weaker among the Vykir began to fall into a fever and they never recovered. The elders put out markers warning people away, but too many people had already passed through the summer markets and returned to their own holds.

Dakar conquers the Vales

The Vales, also called the Valley of the Sun, was a small independent protectorate of Irill until it was conquered by Baron Edward of Dakar. Under his own banner, but supported by his Queen’s troops, Edward claimed the Vales as land historically held by his ancestors until it was stolen from them by its current ruler, King Flavius, during the time of the Second Irillian Empire. Most historians disagree, but nobody can argue that Edward is firmly in control of the land – having hung all of its rulers from their castle walls.

This is very problematic for Irill as the Vales will give the Dakarian Navy a defended port on the Caragan Sea for the first time in history. While they must still get their ships by the Irillian Navy, which has now blockaded all of Vale’s ports, several Dakarian man-o-wars slipped into port before the blockade began.

Irillian Senate responds

The Irillian Senate issued a strong rebuke aimed squarely at Queen Aurora over her subject’s attack on one of their protectorates. They have demanded that she remove her troops from the Vale and order Baron Edward to pay compensation to the people of Vale. Queen Aurora is said to be considering at least some measure to calm the Senate, but it is known that she has long sought to control Vale and its valuable ports.

Meanwhile, the Senate also ordered Commander Giulforo, of the Northern Legion, to move his forces on the border of Vale and begin preparations to seize control of Vale until the next ruler can be found. Secondly, the Irillian Navy was ordered to blockage the Zun River Delta against all Dakarian ships. Merchantmen will be boarded and turned around; man-o-wars will be warned and if they don’t heel about they will be sunk.

Fall 2000 Events

This is news about the Dakar-Irillian War.

Tensions rise in Vale

The build-up of forces continues along the Vale-Irillian border. The Northern Legion is fully in the field, but has still not crossed into Vale to confront the Dakarian army.

Dakarian vessels sunk

The Dakarian man-o-wars River Serpent and Haven were sunk by a flotilla of Irillian frigates near the mouth of the Zun River. The Dakarian vessels were warned off by flag and arrow, but both warning went unheeded. In a brief battle both of the Dakarian vessels were severely damaged. It is believed their captains scuttled them rather than allowing them to become Irillian prizes.

Winter 2000 Events

Plague ends, Thousands of Vykir killed

The red fever, as many were calling it, has finally disappeared but not before claiming thousands of lives. Many of the smaller and more remote holds are believed to have been completely wiped out by the plague. However, in most of the larger holds – it’s effect had been better contained.

Dakar invades Irill

At dawn, the Dakarian forces under the command of Baron Edward attacked the western edge of the Irillian Northern Legion along the Vale border. Baron Edward’s eldest son, Leopold, personally lead calvary charge that shattered the Irillian lines. Supported by all of Edward’s longbowman and the famed mercenary company, The Black Chargers, Leopold’s knights swept deep past the Irillian ranks and captured most of their wagon train.

While Commander Giulforo was able to retreat most of the Northern Legion from the field in good order, it was quite clear that the first battle was only stopped from a complete rout by the sacrifice of the second century during their brave counterattack against Leopold. Commander Giulforo, now outnumbered and on the defensive in his home providence, has elected to break-up his legion into small skirmishing and ambush units until additional forces arrive from the capitol.

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